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Backup PC and Server on QNAP NAS TS-569L ?

November 20th, 2014, 10:32

I bought a QNAP NAS TS-569L to take it as storage for backups of other PCs and other servers.
is more than two weeks I'm trying to find a software that do the following:
1.- launches a Wake On Lan to power on PCs and servers that are on the network and that they are entitled to come on via WOL;
2.- connect to a client (software) that allows you to backup the folder previously configured on a dedicated space on the NAS;
3.- What has the opportunity to file the backup so that they leave on a date / time agreed to, and make full backups, incremental and differential;
4. it has a chance to make even the images of PC / Server to be saved on the NAS.

Of course I'm looking for a software client / server that can be installed on qnap (the server) and Windows / Mac / Linux (the client);

I tried to install the software Bacula in different versions on the NAS QNAP TS-569L, but I can not compile it correctly, even following all the advice found on forums specific to Bacula. I also tried with Amanda but I got the same result.

Someone know how or direct to me to a possible solution (although not exactly the same)? The solution that I looking for has to be all controlled by the QNAP NAS TS-569L and automatically.
I prefer to find something open source but I'm grateful to be able to assess other paid solutions.

Thank you in advance to your suggestions.
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