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WD FBLite Translator and P-List problem

November 27th, 2014, 14:29

Hello everybody.

I've got a WD 2.5" seen by PC3K (and also inspecting module 0xC5) as an FBLite drive (WD10JMVW-xxAJGxx). After swapping heads several times, it seems that a new set of heads is not helping in order to gain access to modules 0x31 and 0x33 (translator and P-List). I've been able to read the rest of essential modules, such as 0x25, T-List, etc. But unfortunately, there's no access to the translator module, and there's no opportunity to rebuild it through the P-List which is also not accessible.

What would you do at this point? I've got the feeling that if I write a foreign translator into a safe area and edit the module directory, I might be able to get the device identified and gain access to user space, being everything shifted and not allowing a full-structure recovery, yes, but maybe a raw recovery in search of JPG pictures which is what is wanted this time. Any such experiences?

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