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Data recovery and disk repair questions and discussions related to old-fashioned SATA, SAS, SCSI, IDE, MFM hard drives - any type of storage device that has moving parts
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ST3500410AS,7200.12 BSY again after power off/on.

December 7th, 2014, 13:36

Hi,I have an HDD seagate
ST3500410AS,7200.12, FW:CC44, 320GB:

Was Busy with terminal access:
I clear smart, m0,6,3,,,,,22 and terminal output:

format successful ...... no error ...

F3 T>Resource State required restoration.

In MHDD show 0 kb, Unknown smart.

I Restore Congen, after that MHDD show 320GB
and the Smart is GOOD, Scan the hdd and no
error was found, backup data without problems.
Everything look fine untill restart computer,
the drive was BSY again. I repeat the process
and work fine but when power off/on the drive
is BSY again. Wath can cause that?

Thank in advance for your help gurus.
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