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Data recovery and disk repair questions and discussions related to old-fashioned SATA, SAS, SCSI, IDE, MFM hard drives - any type of storage device that has moving parts
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Re: Raid hard disks cloning

June 26th, 2018, 11:51

posidon wrote:
ddrecovery wrote:You are asking your competitors what they charge?

Hi ddrecovery
There is no meaning to word competitor anymore.
Do you think I am competing with you or you with me. We are located in different geographical regions.
But forget geography even a competitor located 200 Km away has different customer base and is not in direct competiton
Further competitor 5Km away from me may not affect my business directly ~
1) he is catering to other dr companies or computer dealers only.
2) I am doing end user business.
3) Other DR company from same city is exclusively catering to corporate customers only.

Often I discuss business and technical information with competitor because he is not affecting my business.
There are good souls like spildit and others who help out of way.
Thanks spildit for dirty technique. :D

- You original question was asking other Indian data recovery members the prices they charge, so as I am in the USA I assumed you didn't mean me.

- If you are basing your marketing on 'There is no meaning to word competitor anymore', then that is your opinion, but the data recovery market is shrinking and being competitive is more important than ever. Also if you don't think competing is valid anymore, why ask prices of you competitors.

- This is the age of the internet, so saying that a competitor 200km away is not a competitor is no longer true. The fact that you are trying to find out what your competitors charge is exactly what you clients will be doing. As Spildit says, offering a good service at a good price is key.

Please take these comments as constructive, I certainly do not want to discourage you from building your business.

Re: Raid hard disks cloning

June 27th, 2018, 1:58

Thanks ddrecovery for your advice.
Yes as I agree with spildit's view . My concern was to know what is current pricing for such jobs.
Say if other peoples are charging $1000 and for same job and same quality of work I may end up getting $ 400 because I quote so. That is the reason I would like to know typical market rates.
I would like to add my observation about charges which is not mentioned in any above posts.
Charges are not equally important to all customers , here is how ----
1) a small scale customer may consider $ 1000 exorbitantly high as charges are most important.
2) Same quote given to a corporate may get easily approved because charges are not so important ( several of you have mentioned that a customer may send disk to 200 KM / out of country if charges are low )
This is 100% false. I am registered service provider to several top corporates and my customers do not go because someone from other country or located 200 km away has quoted low. That is not how business customers look to charges.
My experience with raid could be small but I am sure I have far more experience in handling varies customers at par with anyone else.
My customers always look following qualities in there DR partner ( charges do not come in this list at all )
1) Good will of D.R. firm ( mouth to mouth publicity ) again this may not be there as in US and Europe interpersonal relationships are not as close as in India.
Here business runs on your relations how you have previously treated customer etc.
In US peoples could be more professional and may not go for such things.
So most of my business comes from word of mouth or someone recommends my name.
Pls. note whatever amount quoted by my competitor located at 2 km or 200 Km or 2000 Km is not a valid decision making point.
Business dynamics in India are different than western world.
2) NDA and your credibility ---
Business customers are very keen on confidentiality of data. They don't go to 200 Km guy because he is giving free recovery. They always look at reliability , trust , goodwill , market feedback , relationship ,Data confidentiality , technical skills etc.
I have some of my customers who remember me even after 10 years , now based on your theory there could be hundreds of other companies and they are not needed to remember and come to me anymore . But still they come why ?
3) Your Technological strength ---
Customers always prefer vendor having strong technical skills than merely who is quoting low. Customer are not fools to choose company located 200 Km away having no required skills though there quote is lowest.
4) How you respond -- your response in each stage of recovery is crucial.
Hope this will shade light on other aspect of charges and competitor .

Re: Raid hard disks cloning

June 27th, 2018, 12:55

I'm not doing Data Recovery as a "job" but i do have my own data recovery forum and i'm running it as a "hobby". Even so my local friends and people that do work at IT and are close to me do know that i can do some DR and fix firmware issues, replace PCBs, etc ... I'm just not doing any "clean room work" so from time to time people do ask me to attempt to fix their drives and extract the data. The "requests" that i do get from inside the country (Portugal) are just one or two from now and then.

I've allways recieve way more drives from the outside of the country (for fix) rather than from Portugal itself.

To be fair i did never recieve any drive from India but i did get a considerable amount of drives mainly from USA and in one case i did even recieve a drive from a professional data recovery firm.

But it also have to do with the fact that i do run the HDD Oracle and i do get many requests by PM for cases that people see on the guides that i can do.

This is also good as it avoids wasting time on things that i will not do - for example clean room work.

But it helps to get "cases" that people would not thing about a data recovery firm to solve.

This is mainly true for ATA password unlocking. I do get many requests for this when for example ZU do fail or when people do not want to do-it-themselfs.

Of course that people on many countries do prefere to pay $5 or $10 to me to get a drive unlocked WITH DATA LOSS so that they can re-use the drive rather then paying $100 or $200 to a data recovery firm as the data for them is not important (on those cases) and all that they want to do is to re-use the drive.

But there are examples of cases where data is important as well. I did have for example a costumer phoning me asking for a Seagate DM fix as someone in PAKISTAN did contact the person referencing me. On that particular case i was able to fix the firmware of the drive and recover all of the data. User was after some important database with inventory of a shop material + Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes.

Nowadays they are more strict at customs but even so it's still not that "rare" to get "cases" from outside the country that would end up on professional data recovery firms.

So at this time and age i don't think that proximity would be the only factor to take intro account at least for the majority of countries.

You might not think the same way but let's assume for example that you do have a locked drive and you do need that data recovered and you are not a techinical guy and you do browse for a while and you end up at this forum or at my forum. Now you do see my site with guides showing EXACTLY how to remove the password of your ATA locked drive and your drive is exactly teh same as the one on my guide, let's for example say a Toshiba 2.5 SATA drive.

At this point you are not even aware if a (local) data recovery firm is what you should use to unlock your drive but you can see on my site that i can do it, so you do register and make some questions and you decide that you do want to send the drive for unlocking rather than messing yourself with stuff that you don't know, etc ... now you do ask the price and i do quote for example $25 + shipping for unlocking without erasing the drive. Now you start to think about it and you decide that maybe it's expensive and you do go ask around and all that you can get is something like IT shops saying "we can't do this but you can send the drive to our partner at DR that MAYBE can do it but it will be at least $600... Oh and you do have to remove the drive, leave it here so we will send it up to our partners and it will take several days and ... and ... assuming it can even be done.

Now you PM me again and i tell you that as long as you can run Victoria for windows on your system and pick up the drive in PIO showing as locked i can use Teamviewer and remove the password of your drive with just 2 commands. If you end up with the drive unlocked you pay $25, no shipping costs, no problems with data privacy as the drive will be with you all the time and you will know that i will not look at your data etc .... What "service" would you chose from ? Oh... and you only pay (by paypal) if i can unlock the drive and after the service is done ... What do you have to loose ? Are you getting the "big picture" ? I don't know about you or India but believe me the majority of people would chose my service instead because of price and safety and transparency and if for nothing else because they did already checked on my site the procedure and because they have the drive all time and know the data is "safe"...

Of course this doesn't apply to many cases, just some "unlocking" or simple firmware fix like "slow issue", sysfile 93 patch, FIPS fix, that can be done over the internet, etc ... but even so many people would still use my services based on PRICE factor.

Many people don't bother as well for data and privacy and they chose the service based on price only, this is true for drives full of movies from for example TV sets that record movies or collections of pirated music/films from the net like drives from storage devices where data was downloaded and it's not personal data.

If you do have one HGST with damaged firmware modules someone might be willing to pay $60 for example to someone like me that will simply fix the modules and get the drive on-line for them to copy the moviesout to another drive rather than using a "professional" and paying $1000 for the same kind of service just to get the data aleady extracted on another drive... People might not want to pay a huge sum to get professional services if the data on the drive just don't justify the cost. Example you might not want to pay a "fortune" to get data from a drive that you did download from the net but you might pay a simbolic fee to get that data and avoid downloading it again and re-organize it on folders, etc ...

And if you do already have your set of tools you might want to have several "small" fixes like managing to fix a module or two in a fraction of time and don't even bother with extraction of data leaving that to the costumer rather than getting $600 or more for each case but "waste" way more time imaging and extracting data, replacing heads, etc ...

So for MANY people yes, PRICE might even be the only factor that they do consider ---

And yes people visiting HDD Guru and even my own forum are looking for a FREE sollution mainly and if that it's not possible they want a CHEAP sollution so if people are already here searching and if you can offer some "reasonable" service that will make all of the parties "happy" you might end up "stealing" costumers that otherwise would use a proper data recovery firm, at least for some simple cases---

Re: Raid hard disks cloning

June 28th, 2018, 0:51

Hi Spildit
Yes I totally agree with you. In fact I have taken your valuable advice many times. For large no. of homer users and others too price is most important.

Re: Raid hard disks cloning

June 28th, 2018, 18:26

posidon wrote:Hi Spildit
Yes I totally agree with you. In fact I have taken your valuable advice many times. For large no. of homer users and others too price is most important.

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