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Toshiba MQ01UBD100 dead

October 2nd, 2018, 6:58

Hey Guys,

currently I have a Toshiba MQ01UBD100 Drive on my table. The drive is a USB drive. The problem is, that the drive spins up but doesn't get recognised by a PC. I see absolutely no detection of the drive in the Kernel log. On the PCB of the drive are two LEDs, none is showing a sign of life. So I removed the PCB to check it. Without the HDA, the PCB draws about 750mA and the USB to SATA Bridge gets hot.

The customer said, that his notebook had some kind of a fault. The OS crashed and he wasn't able to turn it back on. So he bought a new one. But after he attached the external drive, it wasn't reading.

So I think, that the USB to SATA Bridge is gone. Now I have a question, how I can recover the data. In case of a WD drive, I would just attach a SATA board and transfer the U2 chip. In the case of Toshiba it's the IC602.

Currently I don't have a donor board for this drive, so I have to buy one. Now I have to questions:

1) What if not only the bridge Chip is gone, but also the ROM? I have no clicking sounds, but I also don't hear any signs of initialisation.

2) What kind of Data is stored in the ROM? Does it make sense to buy a USB Version of the board instead of SATA? Does the bridge chip encrypt the data, like on WD drives? And am I going to be able to decrypt it with PC-3000?

Re: Toshiba MQ01UBD100 dead

October 2nd, 2018, 9:31

Just match the controller on the SATA board and move IC602. Toshiba does not encrypt like WD.

Re: Toshiba MQ01UBD100 dead

October 2nd, 2018, 10:20

plus you have to deal with Glist most probably which is simple if you have pc3000.
just move the ROM to a compatible SATA PCB and you are good to go.

Re: Toshiba MQ01UBD100 dead

October 2nd, 2018, 14:45

Did you try terminal connection ? Can you read ROM by terminal ?
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