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Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Portable issue with operating temps

May 26th, 2019, 4:17

Original query: https://forum.hddguru.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=35733

After further usage I can now confirm that drop in seek error rate on this drive is directly related to operating temps/ambient temps. To be more precise I live in a country where majority of the year is hot & during summers outside temps easily reach 45C. Ambient temps inside hovers around 30-32C during day. In such situation using this hdd with nothing but just 10-12 torrents seeding with total avg speed of ~2MB/s seems to make this hdd temps reach 49-50C & thus gradual drop in seek error values.Currently it stands at current value 40(dropped from 46 in last month) worst value 39(similarly dropped in last month) threshold value 30. I also noticed that this value can increase too after long operation in cold season(say 2-3 point increase after running for a month or two).

So how serious is this issue.Do I need to replace this hdd or do I just stop using it till summer season is over & then use it during winter so this value increase again?

P.S. My friend has a WD 4TB element which runs even hotter than this(reach 53-54C) but no such issue there.
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