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Can't re-letter caddy hard drive (external) in XP SP3

January 25th, 2020, 3:30

Dear Anyone.

I've become the proud owner of a pile of old hard drives and I'm trying to find out which work, and I'm not very good at it. Of course the 2Terabyte, the whole reason I bought the job lot, isn't working (sod's law!) but that's a separate post. I've also got an 80-gig IDE job with a problem I don't understand.

When I load it into the caddy XP doesn't see it in 'My Computer', but it does seem to be finding it in Disk Management. I THINK. It's calling it Drive 0 but if I right-click on it the option to change the drive letter is not there. Now remember, please, I know nuttin' much about any of this. I THINK it's coming up but I've got a 2T internal drive that's split into two discs, C and D. So Drive 0 MUST be the one in the caddy, wouldn't you think?

Remembering I'm not sure if any of these drives work or not, why isn't My Computer finding it and why can't I change its letter from Drive 0 to something My Computer can recognise (like E, maybe?) so I can try using it? Is it telling me the drive is knackered?

If you need more info., just say what you need and I'll tell you. I'm stumped at the moment.

Yours puzzledly

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