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Data recovery and disk repair questions and discussions related to old-fashioned SATA, SAS, SCSI, IDE, MFM hard drives - any type of storage device that has moving parts
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HDD Probably corrupted

April 7th, 2020, 8:19

Hi everyone, yesterday I tried to start a windows virtual machine from mac OS with virtualbox, I had created a 100 GB VDI virtual disk on my 2 TB Maxtor M3 hard disk, suddenly while I started the virtual machine the hard disk disconnected alone (not physically) and mac gave the error message, I tried again then the disk was no longer recognized, I tried to do the SOS of mac but it was useless, I downloaded diskdrill and I have eliminated the corrupt blocks and now the hard disk is no longer visible! neither from Mac OS nor from GParted live, do any of you know what could have happened? thanks!
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