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CompactFlash, SD, MMC, USB flash storage. Anything that does not have moving parts inside.
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pin 1

June 20th, 2018, 13:16


could you please help me with pin 1

thank you

Re: pin 1

June 20th, 2018, 13:23

Could be an upside down NAND where the orientation dot is on the underside. It would really help if you had a camera capable of taking a clear picture. Sometimes the PCB has an indicator, but I can't see anything in this low resolution photo.

If you can't tell, just put it in the reader and keep your finger on it when you power it on. It'll get hot really fast if it's in the wrong way. :lol:

Re: pin 1

June 20th, 2018, 16:10

@jerovsek, you really need to take the time to learn how to take a decent photo.

As a general rule, you should locate the chip's ground and Vcc/Vccq pins. Then you can power it up with reasonable safety. Simply locate the circuit ground and then test for continuity with each of the chip's pins. Then locate the bypass capacitors. One end of the capacitor will be grounded, the other will be connected to Vcc or Vccq. Then test for continuity between the capacitor and the NAND pins.

If you are able to safely power up the PCB, then measure the voltages at each capacitor.
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