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Detecting the second R/B,CE in monoliths

December 6th, 2018, 9:31

Hi, Can you explain how to detect the second R/B and CE pins in monoliths?


Re: Detecting the second R/B,CE in monoliths

December 16th, 2018, 17:21

RB isn't needed. The reader can either wait a long period of time or issue a 0x70 status command. RB can be tricky to find due to noise BUT look for RB to go LOW/HIGH after a 30h command and once data starts being read it goes high, match it up to whatever CE is LOW. If there are multiple buses this can be tricky, look for a sharp trigger (ie: no delay) on read or trial and error.


CE: During the boot sequence, CE's will usually look like a cascade..


CE0 -> ID (90h)
                CE1 -> ID (90h)
                               CE2 -> ID (90h)
                                              CE3 -> ID (90h)
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