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Nvme adapaters for a hp workstation

January 11th, 2019, 19:42


I have a z820 HP Workstation which doesn't support natively nvme, and I'm considering an upgrade because the ssd that is currently in use is really not so great.

So I have a few PCIE3 slots left, so I would like to go that way and see how it performs, instead of a much more expensive HP brand turbo z-drive (and probably much better..)

While searching for that NVME -> PCIE3 adapter, I can't find anything of a known brand. The ones I found are: silverstone, startech, glotrends, supageek.
TBH, I'm not too excited to buy such an adapter for the disk on which I will install the OS.
Is there a reason why none of the major manufacturer seem to be making those (as far as I know.. I couldn't find one an Amazon)
Is the card just there to make a 1:1 connection between the NVME lanes and the PCIE lanes ?
I can't see any IC on the PCB of any of those adapters, so I assume that if the card is designed and produced properly, they're all really the same ?

Re: Nvme adapaters for a hp workstation

January 12th, 2019, 8:59

Startech stuff is generally good quality in my experience.

Re: Nvme adapaters for a hp workstation

February 26th, 2019, 9:43

I use Z620 with this adapter
https://www.alza.sk/i-tec-pci-e-2x-m-2- ... 7.htm?o=47
and 960 EVO 1TB
It works like a charm (vmware esxi 6.7)
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