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Locked SSD

January 15th, 2020, 17:38

Hello ,

i'm really new to this problems . i have a punch of SSD drives that has a common problems .
all the drives are locked accidentally and i don't know what is the problem is .

i tried some tools like , Victoria HDD and Zu but no luck .

here is the data of the drive :

Model: UGB94HED240HM1-CDX
Firmware: U314
Disk size: 466908624 LBAs 227982 Mb
CHS: 16383/16/63 8063 Mb
SMART: Enabled, Errlog, Selftest
CACHE: Unk.size; L/A=ON; Wr=ON; ok
Support: LBA, HPA, DLM, DMA UDMA-6
Security: ON, High, Locked

any suggestions?
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