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 Post subject: Re: NAND READING VIA FTDI2232H
PostPosted: March 8th, 2016, 6:16 
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HaQue wrote:
DRUG wrote:
I've dumped some, I'm trying to figure out how to use Flash Extractor free version.

Flash Extractor free version???

I don't have SC hardware, however online there's a small .exe with a tiny database (I assume their updated version has more support)

DRUG wrote:
Btw jermy, you seem such a experienced professional, would you nsme some books about flash I should read as a starter? price tag alert!!) is probably the only one worth its salt, but really you are going to USE little of it.

You know what ? FML. I've seen that book over and over and even and the chance to read a bit of it, and I was like:
Isn't there any other book on flash that isn't so expensive ? But once again, knowledge isn't free, and this book surely had hundreds of hours of work by the authors.
(If you know some other ones, please let me know)

I would suggest buying a logic analyser and watching comms from controller to chip and understanding the reading of a chip.. blocks, pages, how bad columns are implemented, how to read a datasheet so you can create a config for your reader.. those types of things.

One trouble I have is finding the correct datasheet for the chips I own. I've figured out there was a open source python script that would allow me to edit some parameters like offset, pages, blocks, page size, oob size and pages per block. Wich I'm sure would give me way better readings. Logic analyser is not a IF, but more of a "what LA should I buy?"

Flash and NAND is a small part of flash recovery. The community collectively figure out how to read the NAND chips to give best results, and in 80% of cases the tools handle the chips and reading just fine. The other equally important, but much less documented job is creating a disk image from the dump. This is where the Rusolut docs excel at explaining the whole process. Bear in mind there are literally hundreds of variations in this part.

If you have read the Rusolut docs, and are very comfortable you understand them, then the only logical next step is experience in real world examples.

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 Post subject: Re: NAND READING VIA FTDI2232H
PostPosted: March 8th, 2016, 7:44 
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Logic analyser is not a IF, but more of a "what LA should I buy?"

I have tried to get this answered a few times. If you search hddguru you will find the threads. Problem is, I could never get anyone to recommend a single model of LA that was reasonable price. I could however get the statement that the "cheap" or hobbyist ones are not up to it such as the saleae, logicport etc... and the ones that just make it in capability only JUST make it, and forget about any decent function such as if you were analysing serial port and decoding it. It can be done, but only just, and it is not fun, more of a frustrating struggle.

I even contacted vendors of LA's asking what I would need in a LA for NAND that would be a reasonable cost and I found vendors didn't even know, but gave me some marketing bulldust, and tell me I just need to check the specs of my chips and make sure the LA will do it.. doh! NO shit!

I just want something that can decode nand or be easily programmed to and will put a nice trace of every signal at once on the screen.. I am not an electronics engineer so telling me to go check the specs of devices and try and workout what the LA capabilities are, and the caveats of using lots of channels etc are.. well sorry If I need a bit more help than that! ;-)

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