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Need pcb for WD2500JB-OOREAO

December 18th, 2007, 18:53


could someone please help?

i broke the power part of my WD2500JB-OOREAO and have all my media and work library on it.

it is from december 2005 i think....

i put in a different pcb from same model but later date and drive hummed and started normally from external hd but never could access it or get it recognozed in my computer.

i believe i need a new pcb from a WD2500JB-OOREAO and/or a drive is fine. I could use some help if there is anything else i should know besides replacing the pcb to recover my data. i could also use some help if there are any diagnostic programs that could address and monitor my problem...

thanks and merry x-mas from mexico
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