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HowTO How To replace Maxtor Calypso III board

June 28th, 2006, 9:57

Hi you all, this is the answer I received directly from Maxtor

Dear Mr. Robert,...

here is the paragraph that deals with your model type (DiamondMax Plus 9):

For the following Maxtor hard drive models: Fireball 3, DiamondMax 16, DiamondMax Plus 8, DiamondMax Plus 9, Diamond Max 10 and all MaxLine products there is also a GTLA Number on the model (next to barcode on the bottom of the drive). Format 1Y222J2223322. 1, 2 and 3 stand for numbers, Y and J for letters.
The numbers 1 and 3 as well as the letter Y need to be identical to be able to replace the PCB on these drives.

This number can be found on the large sticker on the top of the drive.

Unfortunately we can not give you any more information than this. Any of your DiamondMax Plus 9 drives could possibly have a matching PCB, however it is most likely to be an older one as the drive in question is almost 3 years old.

Kind regards,

Gisela Schubert
Technical Support
Maxtor Ireland Ltd.

This mean that the board and its firmware are disk size indipendent and so if you have a 120 / 160 and so on defective board, you can replace it with a 60 / 80 or what you want board.

Cheers :wink:


June 28th, 2006, 10:34

Thank you for this info!

This should really simplify the process of finding a matching pcb for those who do not repair drives every day.

June 28th, 2006, 16:15

You welcome

June 29th, 2006, 3:45

What is the email of Maxtor Ireland technical support?

June 29th, 2006, 6:52

It is a noreply one.

I've wrote them through the web contact form.



June 29th, 2006, 7:04

My expirience:

For DiamondMax Plus 9 with code:YAR41BW0

each pcb is compatible for every capacity (GB): 60,80,120,160....
and for MaxLinePlus II (with the same code YAR41BW0)


September 22nd, 2006, 6:16

I have two Maxtor 80Gb drives with the codes:

6Y080M042602J and:


Can I not change the circuit boards on these drives?

September 22nd, 2006, 9:41


u may try it, the board difference will not cause damage. But there are things U have to be aware of:
1. if the donor board's FW is not compatible the drive may click continuously or just click one and not recalibrate,
2. if the preamp inside the bad HDD is damaged, the good board will be damaged too.


November 9th, 2006, 16:25

Another way of matching PCBs is to match the code on the reverse of the PCB. always works for me :D

Though this is slightly harder to match than matching characters in the model name!

Re: ......

January 23rd, 2007, 1:57

gsimon wrote:For DiamondMax Plus 9 with code:YAR41BW0 each pcb is compatible for every capacity (GB): 60,80,120,160.... and for MaxLinePlus II (with the same code YAR41BW0)

I have a 250GB Maxline Plus II with codes YAR41BW0 and 7Y250P00628R1.

I have seen replacement PCB's that match all chip codes and pcb number (301862101), etc., but come from 120 or 160GB drives. Instead of starting 7Y..., they begin 6Y....

The way I read the original post, these will not work, but I was wondering if you have evidence otherwise. It seems you may have different experience. Thanks to anyone for input.


January 23rd, 2007, 14:38

No friend this will not work because both these hdd dont have the same firmware will cause cliking .

February 28th, 2007, 10:48


A friend of mine come to me with this hdd: 6Y060L0420401, fw. YAR41VW0 and the PCB is CALYPSO.The hdd spin up but straightway start to make a sound like an hic-up and clicking....I tryed to start it with an loader(i found an exactly one) but still the same : hic-up sound an clicking, no way i can enter the SA area.

Another thing i did was to cange the PCB, but i can't find an CALYPSO pcb only CALYPSO III pcb (80 and 120Gb model,fw. YAR41BW0). After pcb swap the hdd does't make that sound, not clicking but of course don't recalibrate neither.

My question: are those boards, CALYPSO and CALYPSO III compatible?...or what is the good solution in this case?

Unfortunately the data is wanted from the hdd.


February 28th, 2007, 13:04

probably U need to swap the ROM chip (M25P05, 8pin IC), and give it a try.


March 1st, 2007, 3:19

Hi pepe

Thanks for answer me.

In my opinion, because after the pcb swap the hdd don't click and don't make that sound anymore, i think that the preamp/heads are ok. Correct me if i'm wrong.

And yes, i'll try the ROM swap and see what's happening after that.


March 5th, 2007, 8:07

Hi, first post so please excuse noob here. :oops:
I have an 80 GB Maxtor Diamondmax +9 HDD and the "Smooth" chip on the pcb nearly caught fire. (Smoked heavily)
I would like to recover some of the data on the drive if possible but don't fancy shelling out hundreds of pounds. :shock:
I have read that pcb swapping might be possible and looked at the codes mentioned in this thread and elsewhere.

Code: YAR41BWO
The pcb is a Calypso III and a sticker states F4FYA.
Ardent C8-1
Smooth L725OE 1.2

I have looked at the pcb replacement site in Malaysia but couldn't find a match for the N,F,B,A or F4FYA

Could someone clarify for me EXACTLY what is critical and what is NOT ?

Many Thanks.

March 5th, 2007, 15:46


FYA is critical.


March 6th, 2007, 8:06

Thanks for the reply pepe.

So any that have FYA are acceptable ?
There are about four all ending FYA on the website I posted previously.

It cannot be that easy, the L6FYA matches mobo and other chip description codes.

What is the difference between F4FYA and L6FYA ?
What does the "*" denote in **FYA ?
Can the first two letters be ignored ?

Thank you for your help.

March 6th, 2007, 19:14


I did not say the first two is *dontcare*, but that the last 3 is critical.
that is it should work in most cases.


March 9th, 2007, 21:39

D6FYA is used on disk with f/w code YAR41VW0
AND IT IS NOT compatible
that are used on hdd with f/w code YAR41BW0

All of these:

M6FYA......are fully compatible....!!!

U1FYA is SATA interface.....

March 24th, 2007, 7:19

Many thanks to all here on the forum.
I managed to locate and purchase a secondhand hdd unit that was a L6FYA and replaced the pcb with no problems.
I had to power the HDD on and off a few times but then it whirred and clicked into life and I retrieved the data I needed.
I have now purchased a new HDD and backed up my data on to DVD and the new HDD (as I should have done before).

Finally is there any reason why the replaced pcb should be considered less reliable than the original unit ?
(This was the main reason for me purchasing another new HDD)
Or should I thank my lucky stars I got my data back and dispose of the maxtor drive entirely.
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