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Atola Insight 3.1 released

July 10th, 2013, 2:43

Atola Insight 3.1 has been released with more than 70 changes. We built up many new awesome features based on revolutionary UI update in 3.0 version. Here're some of the most noticeable changes:

HDD Imaging:

* HEX viewer for Target port
* Pre-hash, post-hash, auto-compare after imaging
* Reorganized settings
* Ability to export non-imaged sectors into csv
* Custom LBA intervals are now shown on the result screen as well as in case history
* Ability to view LBA addresses + contents of those sectors where file signatures were detected

Case management:

* Full history export/print
* File attachments
* Picture previews
* More detailed logging of all actions (including write protection toggle)
* Report style improvements
* Clear device history option has been removed to prevent accidental loss of case history

Disk compare:

* Significant speed improvements
* It is now possible to specify LBA intervals to compare

There's also another important new feature: Hash calculation for source and target (separate menu).

Full changelog is available here: http://atola.com/products/insight/changelog.html
HDD Imaging - Target HEX Viewer.png
Imaging. Target HEX Viewer
Pre-hash and Post-hash in Imaging.png
Imaging. Pre-hash, post-hash. Also, regrouped settings into tabs.
Calculate Hash.png
Seperate operation for hash calculation. Can be run on source and target drives simultaneously.
Home page with Managed Files and Detailed reporting.png
Cases support file attaching. Image files can be fluently previewed from Insight.
New header and style of case reports.png
Case management. Report styling improved. Special header added.
Export - Print in Atola Insight.png
It's now possible to print or export any set of case management reports

Re: Atola Insight 3.1 released

July 18th, 2013, 9:31

A little update for those who don't follow our official feeds on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn.

Screencasts for some of the new features in Atola Insight 3.1:

Re: Atola Insight 3.1 released

December 15th, 2013, 21:39

I'd really like to see some RAID options in here with the forensic capability. Any chance in the future?
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