USB Recovery Express
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Author:  odedshankar [ January 26th, 2014, 13:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

kpeddie wrote:
Does anyone have hands on experience with this tool then? How does it compare to DDI 4 with USB add on in terms of functionality?

Agree with you mate, that is the real question in this post, if anyone has experience with it would love to hear it.

Author:  kpeddie [ January 27th, 2014, 17:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

No one then? What is a little unsettling is that DFL-URE seem to have build in firmware fixes for lots of issues, mostly ones you will never come across on a USB only drive. Whats the point of having a 7200.11 fix routine built in here when you will never be connecting one? Im confused.

Also the videos they show of it in operation dont actually show it doing anything useful. Does this actually have the ability to image drives with bad sectors properly or is this just a USB hub. Surely someone has some experience with this bit of kit, i suspect almost everyone who owns one is a member of this forum!

Author:  shahij [ February 10th, 2014, 9:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

I am almost ready to order an Imager this month.

Impressed on DDI4 because of several positive feedback, also on the other hand thinking for DFL-DDP USB 3.0 with a hope it's being developed/improved so fast.

By the way, what is the yearly update fee for DDI4?

Author:  kpeddie [ March 23rd, 2014, 22:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

Anyone got any feedback or this yet? Surely someone has one by now...

Author:  odedshankar [ March 23rd, 2014, 22:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

i just bought when, i'll try it out in the next few weeks and report back here

Author:  kpeddie [ May 20th, 2014, 18:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

any progress on this?

Author:  odedshankar [ May 20th, 2014, 20:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

I have the tool for about a month now.
I didn't do a lot with it up to this stage, but it is an OK tool, not brilliant but hopefully will improve with future versions as it is still raw.
What I found is that it is a good tool for low to mild cases of drives with bad sectors but with hard cases it chokes a lot.
I tried a hard case with usb pcb connected and then converted it to SATA and tried it on DDP, and the converted sata imaging was much better, so it is still not imaging with USB as good as with SATA with the same drive. but i hope DFL dedicated team will keep improving it in future versions.
My conclusion up to now:
I am quite happy though that I bought it as it gives me an easier solution then the soldering with the easier cases and mostly a lot of control of imaging only certain parts of the drives or files extraction.
With the hard cases i will still need to convert to sata but they are only around 20% of the cases i see with this drives so it still saves me hips of work.

Author:  CodeAsm [ July 20th, 2015, 7:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

My first though is that is might be a Renesas MCU (by some google tricks).

Now I found a datasheet for a Renesas usb hub and I think they used this usb hub ic.
(19 pins each side make 76 total)

also clock pins, SPI rom connected and other components connected to the IC make this a possible candidate that they used.
I dont own this device and only used the earlier posted image as a reverence. Dont take my word on this, and all on own risk.

http://www.crypton.com.hk/key%20info%20in%20web%20site/Renesas%20Specs/uPD720210.pdf link to datasheet that looks like the internal one I got from renesas itself.

File comment: USB hub IC
USB hub.png
USB hub.png [ 41.55 KiB | Viewed 9565 times ]

Author:  datarecoveryindia [ August 2nd, 2015, 4:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

I have several tools.Salvation,Deepspar4(with all ad ons),Dolphin frp for seagate and wd.
My friends here have PC3000 Udma.
Salvation tools, Dolphin and PC3000. are good for certain types of fixes.
The above tools as a combination help to get firmware to be set to near normal.
Then comes Data recovery from the drive.
Here I have tested all hardware and software imaging tools available. except Atola.
I found that the certain important features that DeepSpar4 has for dealing with good and bad sectors, heads, and available combinations to get data from a drive(esp very bad ones) are not there in other tools. The speed of imaging is very good.
It is worth to get a demo of deepspar imaging and its add ons , esp for usb drives which are firmware repaired primarily by other tools and methods.
The real problem with all the tools are that none are good at handling UNC errors(if they are really plenty of them).
This post is not meant to hurt or to make happy any manufacturer or any user, or to boost sales of a particular tool.It is just a observation to share with every one.

Author:  sedeco [ October 6th, 2015, 6:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

any one can upload the DFL DE RECOVERY LAST VER

Author:  fzabkar [ January 18th, 2016, 17:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

U8 = serial SPI flash memory.

U7 = VIA VL812 USB 3.0 Hub Controller:

U5 = FTDI FT232 Single USB 2.0 to Serial UART Converter IC:
http://www.ftdichip.com/Documents/DataS ... FT232R.pdf

U4 connects to the Com(munications) port. It must be a TTL driver/receiver or similar.

The switchmode regulator must be producing 5V which U7 then down-regulates to 3.3V (Vio) and 1.15V (Vcore) via its internal LDO regulators.

The "power control module" on the underside could be using a "free" USB VID/PID. For example, there are USB-relay kits that use an Atmel AVR MCU such as the following:

http://www.atmel.com/images/atmel-2586- ... ummary.pdf

Dfl_ure_pcb.jpg [ 355.42 KiB | Viewed 9228 times ]

Author:  kangmas [ February 2nd, 2018, 14:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: USB Recovery Express

very interesting topics

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