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Netapp WD1002FBYS-05A6B0 firmware related issues?

October 14th, 2018, 0:13


I have some Netapp drives (NA P/N X302A-R5) which I'm trying to reformat to 512 byte sectors. I've done this in the past using Linux's SG utils with some Netapp FCAL and SAS drives but these SATA drives are giving me sense code errors. It doesn't matter if I connect it using a USB SATA adapter, onboard SATA or an SAS HBA. Some poking around for answers seemed to imply that it might be related to the Netapp related firmware on the drives not allowing the change to 512 byte sectors and that using a standard Western Digital firmware might solve the issue. I can't seem to find any solid evidence to support this. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences to share? There isn't any data on the drives that I need to save so I can try things without worries of data loss.

Netapp P/N: X302A-R5
S/N: WMATV6751113 1.0TB
MDL: WD1002FBYS-05A6B0
DCX: 5001A6861

Thanks in advance.

Re: Netapp WD1002FBYS-05A6B0 firmware related issues?

October 14th, 2018, 12:01

I'm new to the forum obviously. In being persist in my research of my issue, it seems this is probably not the the right and/or best forum to pose this question. I am going to re-post this into the "Conventional Hard Drive" forum.
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