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rar file signature

February 9th, 2016, 13:09

Hi, all

someone know what rar ver. had created split files with the ext. r00 r01...
or even better, does the file signature of these file the same as todays newer ver. ?

Re: rar file signature

February 9th, 2016, 14:08

How can I switch to the old extension based naming scheme (*.rar,*.r00 to *.r99)?

By default RAR volumes have names like 'volname.partNNN.rar', where NNN is the volume number. You can use the following options to change to the old style extension based naming scheme, where the first volume file in a multi-volume set has the extension .rar, following volumes are numbered from .r00 to .r99.
It may make sense, if you are going to unpack an archive under the plain MS DOS, which does not allow more than one dot in a file name.

WinRAR grafical interface:
Please enable the "Old style volume names" option in the "Archive name and parameters dialog: advanced options".

WinRAR and RAR command line mode:
Using -vn switch it is possible to switch to another, extension based naming scheme.

This option could have been removed in v5, though, I do not follow their updates too closely. If so, that rules the most recent compression algorithm out.

Also it is possible that this naming scheme was the default one in old versions - before v2.9 (3.0). That was more than 10 years ago and it's hard to tell for sure now.
At the same time those versions definitely used another algorithm, developed in the late '90s.
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