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Recover deleted photos from iPhone 6

October 31st, 2016, 7:25


I would like to know if it is possible to recover deleted photos from an iPhone 6 without a disproportionate effort in the following case:
1. the customer deleted the photos
2. the customer navigated to "recently deleted photos" and deleted the photos again.

The customer reports that the photos were also deleted on iCloud.

I must clarify that the phone is healthy and I'm assuming that the customer has the passcode.
(I won't do anything if the customer doesn't know the passcode.)
So, it is not a forensic case but a data recovery one.

I read this thread, but it's a bit outdated.

I wonder if what DR-Kiev mentioned --the data also being saved in iTunes-- still applies or if this was replaced by iCloud.
I was also interested by this method mentioned by AlexBlaken, but I wonder if it is still valid for the iPhone 6 and how one can scan the phone at step "b)":
1. Directly scan and recover photos from iPhone
a) Connect your iPhone to the computer
b) Enter DFU mode and scan iPhone
c) Preview and recover iPhone photos

Or are maybe data recovery apps that you install directly on the iPhone?
Can such apps have right without jailbreaking the iPhone?

I have past experience of recovering SMS on Android after installing ClockWorkMod and remember it as being quite complicated, at least when not doing it on a regular basis.

I'm aware about "recent" iPhones have hardware encryption.
Does it ruins chances recovering photos?
Or is there some deciphering possibility, the same you can decipher a FileVault 2 volume on Mac OS X.

The customer reported that the free version of some paying DR software was able to list the deleted files, but can no longer remember exaclty the name of the software, apart that it contains "drill". I assume it could be "Disk Drill"
Does someone here have some experience with this software for data recovery on iPhone, especially iPhone 6?
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