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Ost and Thunderbird review tools, looking for recommendation

May 22nd, 2019, 23:21

Hello everyone,

Due to our organisation's environment I have aceess to alot of forensic software such as encase / xways. But very little reporting software, such as internet evidence finder (full).

This leaves reporting back emails and documents to non technical investigators.. Challenging.

Has anyone come across some decent software for reviewing a dumped out ost file or Thunderbird profile? I've found systools ost viewer and mbox viewer which work well free, but require upgrades to pro to use a search function, which is valuable.

Given that I'll need to provide the software to other people, having licenced software fly around is annoying and can cause issues with multiple installations.

Re: Ost and Thunderbird review tools, looking for recommenda

May 24th, 2019, 21:06

Couldn't you just export the relevant documents as .eml files ? Or would those investigators have to be able to access the source files directly, to respect the legal rules with regards to the chain of evidence or something to that effect ?
Could a “portable” version of those Systools softwares be made for that purpose ? Perhaps you should ask the company directly if they could offer such a possibility for that kind of very specific context.
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