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 Post subject: HddSurgery manual - HDDS HGST 3.5'' CLA/SLA/BLA Unstick p2-3
PostPosted: October 30th, 2014, 11:31 
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Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) hard drive models CLA, SLA, BLA with 2 or 3 platters from families: DESKSTAR 5K1000, CINEMASTAR 5K1000, DESKSTAR 7K1000.B, CINEMASTAR 7K1000.B, DESKSTAR 7K1000.C, DESKSTAR E7K1000, ULTRASTAR A7K2000, DESKSTAR 7K3000 belong in the category of disks that "park heads" on a ramp (just like all other modern HGST hard drives). Sometimes, due to a shock or malfunction, heads don’t get back to the ramp and they stay on the platters and stick to them. This prevents the motor to start rotating the platters and hard drive emits a “buzzing” sound.

HddSurgery head unstick tools can be used to safely and easily unstick the heads from the platters and transfer them to the ramp. The purpose of these tools is to minimize the risk of platter damage during the procedure of head unsticking. Heads are lifted above the platters and safely guided over them back to the ramp.

More details about this tool set can be found on our website: ... stick-p2-3


You can also check:

1. Video guide -
2. Animation -
3. Manual - ... k.p2-3.pdf

Improvements of the tool in comparison to our previous products

Pivot bearing subassembly

HDDS HGST 3.5'' CLA/SLA/BLA Unstick p2-3 is the first HDDSurgery tool on which new bearing solution is implemented.

To assure that unstick tool lifts the heads which are bonded to the platters and not push them, high precision manufacturing is needed. Difference between dimensions on the tool's drawings and dimensions of manufactured tool must be kept between 0.01-0.03mm depending on hard drive model and its manufacturing tolerances.

Strict manufacturing tolerances are one problem, however it is more difficult to assure that tool stays in these tolerances (0.01-0.03mm) during rotation around its shaft, over which it is connected to head stack assembly. So, run-out of the tool in relation to its shaft must be kept in same strict tolerances.


For purposes of securing safe and precise rotation of the HDDSurgery tools around its shaft, pair of high-precision micro ball bearings is used. These micro-bearings consist of miniature (R<1mm) rotating ball elements between bearing races. These miniature balls are very sensitive and if certain force is applied on the bearing it can cause its malfunction. This fact was a major problem in process of mounting micro-bearings in the tool. If enough force is applied during assembling process, some of the balls in the bearings can be damaged and this can consequently cause run-out of the tool, excessive friction during its rotation or some other functional problem.

Solution is found in design and production of self-contained pivot bearing subassembly (Picture 1.1). This solution secures that no force is applied to micro-bearings during their mounting. Bearing housing and outer race, as well as tool's shaft and bearing inner race, both have sliding connection during assembling process. Strong bond between matching elements is formed with special glue, which is applied on corresponding surfaces before mounting of the bearings. Design of bearing housing is such that pair of bearings are separated with specially made salience. This simplify mounting process and also improves rotation precision. This separately made bearing subassembly is connected to the tool with a screw fastener, which goes through mentioned salience (Picture 1.2).

Its construction allows fine adjustments of the tool position in relation to pivot bearing subassembly.


Implementing of this solution is of multiple benefit: rotation precision is secured in all bearing positions, smooth movement is guaranteed, fine adjustment of tool height is possible, assembling process is simplified, percentage of fully functional tools is increased...

Improved design of the tool snouts

Another improvement was implemented on HDDS HGST 3.5'' CLA/SLA/BLA Unstick p2-3. It's slope on the tools snouts - solution for problems of heavy stiction between heads ferrites and platters.

Surface of platters and heads ferrites are both plane. Impact during HDD operation results in contact between these two surfaces and consequently stiction between them. It is noted that in some rare cases on certain HDD models, our previous tools lift head gimbal assembly while ferrites remained bonded to the platters.

Solution was found in special design of the tool snouts (picture 1.3). Instead of snouts with flat carrying part, we have designed snouts with special slope in this area. This slope enables possibility to put additional pressure on heavy bonded ferrites resulting in their lifting over the platters together with rest of head gimbal assembly.


This slope is big enough to assure lifting of heavy bonded ferrites and small enough not to cause contact between ferrites and platters while moving heads back to the ramp. This means that production tolerances are even more strict than before. However, new pivot bearing subassembly enables implementation of sloped snouts solution.

Head unstick process

STEP 1 - Handling the tools

When not in use, the tool should always be kept in a wooden box delivered with the tool. This way of keeping the tool prevents any possible damage to it which could appear when not handled properly.

When taking the tool out of the box, always hold it for the shank. Never hold the tool in the part where the head lifting snouts are.

Due to sensitivity of hard drive platters to dust and any kind of contamination, be sure to clean the tool before its use. Tool can be cleaned with a piece of cotton wool and alcohol. When cleaning the head lifting snouts, be extremely gentle.


Step 2 – Mounting the tool on actuator arm

Remove screws holding flat cable contact and with a finger push contact from the bottom upwards to release it. The pressure from below may cause flat cable contacts to pop out and possibly damage platters, so hold firmly top of a flat cable contact with another hand while pushing related plastic. Before applying pressure, remove screws from their holes.

Carefully center the tool over the center hole of the hard disc head arm. Tighten the screw to perform tool installation.


With your right hand make sure that the tool shank with snouts remains in the area outside of the platters.

Be sure to tighten the screw in order to ensure good contact and proper tool height.

Step 3 – Lifting the heads

While holding the back side of the head arm with one hand, horizontally move the tool shank to slide it over platters. Hold the back side of head arm (magnetic coil) to assure that the tool lifts the heads and not push them. Construction of the tool snouts enables them to lift the heads by relatively small force. If you feel that the necessary force is greater than the expected, check tool positions and possible damage to the HDA assembly. Push the tool as far as possible until the snouts lift the heads completely. The heads are now unstick from the platters.


Step 4 – Moving the heads to the ramp

Move the tool with heads out of the platter area and over the ramp. Push the back side of the head arm (magnetic coil) together with the tool itself to prevent heads from slipping until they reach the ramp. When the heads are over the ramp, hold the back side of the head arm (magnetic coil) and move the tool horizontally so the heads slide from the snouts to the ramp.


Step 5 – Dismounting the tool

Remove the screw that’s holding the head and tool attached to the drive itself. While unscrewing this screw, hold the back side of head arm (magnetic coil) and make sure that the heads stay on the ramp. Also, take care that the tool remains away from the heads and platters while removing it. Now the tool can be removed.


Now you can start head replacement using the tools from HDDS HGST 3.5” Ramp Set.

List of supported models


 Post subject: Re: HddSurgery manual - HDDS HGST 3.5'' CLA/SLA/BLA Unstick
PostPosted: October 30th, 2014, 12:03 
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looks amazing ...

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 Post subject: Re: HddSurgery manual - HDDS HGST 3.5'' CLA/SLA/BLA Unstick
PostPosted: November 5th, 2014, 11:06 
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thank you very much

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