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Head Holders - New tools from HddSurgery

December 26th, 2016, 7:29

Dear colleagues, we present you our latest products:

Head Holder and Head Holder +


HddSurgeryTM Head Holder assistive tools represent our company's effort to enhance every aspect of the job a data recovery expert performs on a daily basis. The tools come in a form of a rigid stainless steel stand, on which the positional posts are mounted. Changing the position of the posts is enabled through using the swivel post clamp, allowing precise adjustments in height, reach and angle.

The Head Holder contains the following parts:

-Legs - 4 pcs
-Vertical post - 1 pcs
-Lateral post - 1 pcs
-Swivel clamp - 1 pcs
-Tightening cylinder - 1 pcs
-Tightening nut - 1 pcs
-Head Holder Assembly - 1 pcs
-Standing base - 1 pcs

The Head Holder + contains additional parts:

-Base - 1 pcs
-Additional Head Holder Assembly - 1 pcs


These tools are designed to enable the data recovery specialist to safely inspect the heads under any type of a microscope. They give the possibility of various positional adjustments, while keeping the hands of the specialist free, eliminating downsides like hand tremors and other similar effects.

The Head Holder Assembly, which holds the heads, is secured with a magnet which is inside the horizontal post. It allows easy rotation during the inspection and, in the same time, secures the Head Holder Assembly from sliding off the post. In order to prevent the rotation of the Head Holder Assembly, tighten the tightening nut.


For additional info, take a look at PDF Manual and Video Guide on our website.

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Re: Head Holders - New tools from HddSurgery

January 15th, 2017, 3:28

I can tell you that tools like these can always be used for off-label things. How many times has a screwdriver been used to pry something apart?

Re: Head Holders - New tools from HddSurgery

January 16th, 2017, 13:25

this could be my first hddsurgery tool
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