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Question about Rusolut video "Page structure analysis"

October 14th, 2017, 14:11

Link to case 2: https://rusolut.com/page-structure-analysis/#case2

In the last second, just after defining LBN in SA, the two last bytes in SA is left untouched. What are these two bytes? How can I be sure that these are not LBN, or a part of it? I'm aware that the trained eye of an expert can see this immediately, but I cannot (yet).

If I get into a spare area like this, are there any tests / tricks I can apply to make sure I define the correct LBN bytes?

Re: Question about Rusolut video "Page structure analysis"

October 16th, 2017, 15:51

Empty bytes (FF or grey in bitmap) you just leave undefined usually, software will ignore it.
Usually LBN consists of 2 bytes of counter, one byte grows slow another fast so that you can see a dynamically changed patterns in SA from block to block.
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