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Starting out dilemma 'Getting set up'

August 16th, 2017, 17:30

Hello there,

I'm trying to get involved in the world of data recovery. I'd be very grateful for some feedback on some ways in which I'm looking to kick-start this. I am use to self-studying and intend to for the most part here as well, but a considerable amount of money needs to be spent for me to get the experience, so I'd be very grateful.

This is purely academic/as a hobby (maybe professionally later on depending on how this works out, but I would love that!) Don't worry - No intention of going near any customer data soon, with or without a cert!

Two methods I am considering:

1) Getting a gentle introductory overview of the area, increasing my understanding of logical recoveries and perhaps getting a DDI4, practising getting data of drives with damage. I really do like the look of Scott Moutlon's material. I think this would be good to get my feet wet, so I'd be in a position to get myself set up to begin self-teaching.

2) Another is training with ACE Labs, with their PC3k and spending more time at an earlier stage focusing on physical recoveries. This option is more expensive and also the learning curve is a bit steeper, but I am happy to climb it. I appreciate this would be way beyond my skills and knowledge, so have considered a course with ACE Labs. ACE recommends 1-3 months experience for their PC-3000 HDD Data Recovery Expert Training and I have NONE! But they also tell me that some novices on their course did not even have the recommended experience, but still managed to do better in some cases than people with the recommended experience.

At the moment, I am more inclined to go with option 1, because I think it's not as risky. Perhaps there's option 3)

Many thanks for your time.


Re: Starting out dilemma 'Getting set up'

August 18th, 2017, 11:43


both ways have its own advantages and disadvantages. You get a lot of info in a training but to use the info you need time and practice.
You gotta have a butt that does not get tired of sitting a lot over problems trying to find solutions.
And gotta have an attitude of willing to solve the problems. The money makers will not be good dr guys ever.

Re: Starting out dilemma 'Getting set up'

August 18th, 2017, 14:07

Get a bunch of drives that you want to practice with and kill them for good.

Then read here :


Go to the research section and try to do the same with the several brands of drives that you have (and don't mind to kill).

:D :D :D

Re: Starting out dilemma 'Getting set up'

August 19th, 2017, 16:22

Thanks pepe and Spildit

Pepe - Indeed :), I think I am of the right mindset for this.

Spildit - thanks for the link to hdd oracle - I have come across this before as I've been browsing this forum. I'll be sure to bookmark it (ah, I already have... :o)

Re: Starting out dilemma 'Getting set up'

August 19th, 2017, 16:41

Happy learning !

Re: Starting out dilemma 'Getting set up'

October 29th, 2017, 19:17

lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

but practice first as we all started this way

the bigger the hard drive the more problems or fun your have

3tb drive = how many heads to many lol

Scott Moutlon's material is very good i would highly recommend you get that and start with him first.

as for ACE Labs they need to change there policy on there hardware tools for the resale market.
possible later on go with them.

good luck
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