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Compiling a list of "Recommended Labs"

November 8th, 2017, 20:45

So I'm working to compile a list of reputable companies around the world that I/you can refer people to when you're chatting with them online and they want a company somewhat local to themselves.

I've started the project here: https://www.data-medics.com/forum/data- ... html#p9062

but, I'll be looking for as many referrals as possible as well as information regarding what each companies capabilities are.

At a minimum each company would be expected to have things like a PC-3000 and clean room, but I'd want to know other things such as whether you do flash, ssd, raid arrays, SAN units, DVRs, etc. so it's useful for knowing which cases to refer that you can handle. Also, I'd need to know your specific location.

Plese, feel free to recommend yourself (if I know/trust you, I'll add you to the list) or recommend another company if you'd like.

Re: Compiling a list of "Recommended Labs"

November 9th, 2017, 12:59

So, I'm getting a lot of PMs requesting to be added (which is fine) but please be sure to list the following:

Company name
Location (city/state/country)
And the services you offer listed out.

The basic categories I'm listing are:
HDD = you have and know how to use a PC-3000 (at a minimum)
Clean Room = Obvious
Flash = You have chip-off capabilities such as PC3K Flash, VNR, Softcenter, etc.
SSD = You have PC-3000 SSD addon as well as can do chip off if necessary.
DVR, SAN, RAID, etc. = you are able to handle these more complex recovery types.
SCSI/SAS = You have PC-3000 SCSI/SAS Edition and can handle complex cases with those
Legacy Hardware = Floppies, zip, etc.
Tape Systems = Obvious

So a typical listing would be as follows:

Data Medics (Providence, RI, USA) - HDD, Clean Room, Flash, DVR, SAN, RAID
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