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Fun With Hosting Company Screw-Ups

December 5th, 2017, 16:15

Don't you just love when a hosting company totally screws up your site. Last night I get billed for renewal of an SSL certificate for a separate domain I host on my same account as my main webite. I don't even run SSL on that site, so I call and ask them to remove it, which they agree to do. My main site has its own SSL along with things like dedicated IP, etc. which is part of the package I pay for at my hosting level.

About 20 minutes later, I discover my email isn't working....hmm I wonder if my site is working...it's not. Getting an SSL error now. So it would seem they deleted the SSL from the wrong site.

But then, it gets even stranger. If I press to ignore the SSL warning, I'm quickly 301'ed away to some wedding site. Apparently, they also must have removed my dedicated IP which is fixed to the domain name. So now my forum, homepage, etc. is all going to some wedding site.

These clowns better give me a free year of hosting for this screw up.
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