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SATA: dead end technology..

April 11th, 2018, 0:23

Interesting, the debate on conventional vs flash on anandtech is taking a differnt viewpoint. not only spinning disks getting the hangmans noose, but the complete SATA interface. (this post was a year ago, and I am guessing that most or all new laptops will have m.2 or similar. Already seen a lot of new desktop motherboards have dual m.2 slots as well.

The Intel SSD 545s continues Intel's close relationship with Silicon Motion by being one of the first SSDs to use the latest SM2259 controller. Since the SATA interface is now a dead-end technology, the SM2259 is a fairly minor update over the SM2258 controller used by last year's Intel SSD 540s.

Intel will be using their smaller 256Gb 64L TLC die for all capacities of the 545s
Also wondering how our current readers will cope with these new 256Gb / 512Gb 64 Layer chips. I can see recoveries taking a significant amount of time, crunching ECC and image creation etc.
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