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Seagate DM series class action

July 23rd, 2018, 18:56

It appears that the plaintiffs in the 2016 Seagate DM series class action are being thwarted by the incompetence of their attorneys and the ignorance of the judge.

Seagate Hard Drive MDL Must Divide Into Multiple Classes, Judge Rules:

The Seagate hard drive failure class action lawsuit attempted to address the failure of more than 40 different models of Seagate hard drives. Judge Spero argues that the consumers would have better luck before a jury if they pled specific defects and misrepresentation for each kind of hard drive.

This argument is astoundingly stupid:

Seagate’s attorney claimed that there was even more fundamental flaws in the consumers’ case, stating that they had failed to show that the consumers actually relied on advertised failure rates provided by Seagate to make their purchasing decisions, so they cannot claim that the consumers were injured by what the company stated about the products.
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