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Did Toshiba abandoned 2.5'' SATA performance drives?

May 16th, 2019, 11:24

I am surprised that at the exception of Seagate, with its FireCuda serie, other hard drive makers seem abandoning 2.5'' SATA hybrid drives.
The FireCuda drives come with a 5-years limited warranty, but have 7 mm thickness, which I dislike in terms of robustness.

In 9.5 mm, Western Digital produced the WD Blue 1TB SSHD WD10J31X, which came with 3 years warranty.
It seems no longer available.
(I'm a bit surprised that this drive belonged to the Blue line, and not Red or the Black one.)

In 9.5 mm too, Toshiba offered the H200 High Performance Hybrid drive line, in 500 GB and 1 TB capacities.
The 1TB models HDWM110UZSVA (bulk) and HDWM110EZSTA (retail) are no longer available in my country.

Toshiba also (previously?) produced the quite expensive PX3005E-1HJ0, as well as the MQ01ABD100H, the SSHD version of the MQ01ABD100.

And now?
It seems like makers put the accent on SSD and abandon their SSHD lines.

Strangely, for mechanical hard drives, makers seems prefering the tough competition of the cheap segment.
Do the volumes of high performance mechanical hard drives have fallen to a niche market that is too small for several players?

In 1TB capacity hybrid drives (SSHD) still sound to me a decent choice for performant but reasonably priced laptops.
At equal capacity of 1 TB, professional grade SSD (with 5 years warranty) are still around 4 times the price of their SSHD counterpart.
(e.g. the Samsung 860 Pro SSD 1TB is ~270 $ vs ~65$ for a Seagate FireCuda 1TB)

I would like to understand why hard drive makers seems gave up producing 2.5 SATA SSHD drives.

Re: Did Toshiba abandoned 2.5'' SATA performance drives?

May 16th, 2019, 12:26

In 1 TB, Toshiba also produce the MQ02 SSHD PX3012E-1HJ0, also pricey.

For notebooks Toshiba current product offering is limited to the L200 serie of standard mechanical drives (not SSHD).

So far I could see, Toshiba enterprise hard drives in 2.5'' format only come with SAS interface.
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