Head replacement tools
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Author:  labtech [ July 2nd, 2018, 7:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Head replacement tools

helpdisc wrote:
labtech wrote:

With all that in mind, no head replacement tool is perfect to all people working with it. Any one person can find something they don't like about a tool, whether it is material, design, the actual process of working with it, necessary accessories, etc. Cannot please everyone. Not everybody likes Hyundai, Kia or Mercedes or Ferrari.

I would concentrate only on technical aspect. It is not about if I like Kia or Hyundai.
This type of tools ( so called E type ) have serious flaws. First one is that they have fundamental problem.
Basing height on mold is wrong. Cast parts ( hdd housing ) dimensions variations are to big. You put tool down and slide over it and then hope you are with in tolerance.
Even on videos they show you see how dangerous it is. For me this is to much of a risk. ( I know this , first tool we made was like this 15 years ago )
If you want to have something precise as a tool to remove heads you must base it on something that has been milled. This can be used as ground 0. All dimensions are measured from one point.
Referent point. Platters and heads stand in precise location, housing can "float" around them. Open one drive and spin platters you will see how platters have azimuth. They "float" if you look and compare to hdd chassis. But if compared to heads they spin just fine

Second is tip of the tool, totally wrong design. You can not slid under heads with triangular design. You must use tangential radius to lift them gentle.
Third problem is balance. If you menage to slide them and get them in nice there is no firm grip that keeps position of heads and tools. Instead of you have one big leaver that can be potential hazard
if moved a bit or just touched a bit or hit in hdd chassis .

There is few more but this should be good enough.

My idea was not to explain how our tools are good and others are bad. I am saying what i see wrong in design of these tools.
They took names , labels , composition supported model list etc etc... but tool is not good enough in my data recovery office. Our clients took to much off a risk when they did not make a backup,
i do not want to risk more of making their drives bad by bad tool. It would be safer to use papers or rubbers hoses then such bad tool design.
Even copy of our tools are better to be used then this particular type.

I acknowledge all of those technical implications as I have studied and used various tools over 11+ years, even designed my own.
Just like in any other industry, when you have a tool as close to perfection as possible, then it is very beneficial to everyone using it, especially someone who just starts in the field.
On the flip side, a pro, someone, who has been using these tools in and out and has experienced all failures, risks and successes, can be stripped of all perfect tools and can still do the job successfully. It is that very experience that has made a master [you as one in head replacement field] pursue building a better tool.
If we stripped you of all the tools and blueprints to create hddsurgery tools, would you not be able to do a head swap successfully? I am sure you will.

Author:  helpdisc [ July 2nd, 2018, 8:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Head replacement tools

Of course i would. I will do 99% same result. On 1000 drives 10 will be damaged by me. I want to fight for those 10.

Author:  ddrecovery [ July 2nd, 2018, 17:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Head replacement tools

I think pretty much all data recovery tools are as good as the user who uses them. Deciding what is the right tool for the right job is key. Probably like most people I have a mix of most of these tools and use them in a variety of ways. I think HDD Surgery make the best tools on the market, but also think Apex tools are good. None of them are perfect. I have HDDSurgery tools for Rosewoods which didn't work too well right out of the box. One tool fits great the second continually sticks and is extremely hard to move. This is not a reflection on their overall product its probably just a one off, but what I am saying is that we all have our opinions swayed be personal experience. None of us are totally right.

Author:  trumanhw [ August 14th, 2018, 4:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Head replacement tools

Thank you HDD Surgery and Amarbir.

I'm grateful for the insight. :)

Author:  trumanhw [ August 14th, 2018, 4:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Head replacement tools

Thank you HDD Surgery and Amarbir.

I'm grateful for the insight. :)

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