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Support for newer formats

May 16th, 2018, 4:41

So, I'm not an HDD recovery/forensics technician or something along those lines .... I'm a general PC tech :P
For years my go-to tool for checking the status of slow/problematic mechanical drives was MHDD but it lacks support for newer formats like AHCI and EFI/GPT.

Is there any good bootable tools like MHDD, with the sector speed graph, that support those newer formats?


Re: Support for newer formats

May 16th, 2018, 14:11

MHDD works at LBA level so it doesn't matter what sort of partition type you have on the drive as MHDD doesn't care about the data itself as long as the sector can be properly read/written/verifyed, etc ... It doesn't matter if you have NTFS, FAT, GPT or even all drive encryption that will look like "garbage".

AHCI is Advanced Host Controller Interface AND gives software developers and hardware designers a standard method for detecting, configuring, and programming SATA/AHCI adapters.

MHDD doesn't use AHCI so you do have to set your BIOS to IDE/COMPATIBLE mode so that MHDD can detect your drive on the computer SATA port.

If you are looking for alternative tools you can try Victoria for windows and there is even a "newer" version that will support newer high capacity drives. There is also hdd scan. All of that for free.
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