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New version of UFS Explorer

February 19th, 2019, 3:16

New version 7.5 of UFS Explorer Professional Recovery include a several updates, including support of SCSI drives with non-standard sector size (like 520 bytes etc.) and support of R-Studio image file format (RDR-files).

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

March 11th, 2019, 14:07

What's new in UFS Explorer Professional Recovery version 7.6:
* Support of BitLocker encryption (with user password and recovery key);
* Support of ReFS 3.4 format (Windows Server 2019);
* Support of Microsoft data deduplication on ReFS volumes;
* Fixed bug reading Core Storage metadata in "pending state";
* Support of ZFS-on-Linux custom ZFS metadata;
* Support of "bogous" FreeNAS RAID10 (mix of simple disks and mirrors);
* Fixed bug with multiple detections of NT LDM volumes.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

March 29th, 2019, 14:11

What you need to know about UFS Explorer products - Video Presentation https://youtu.be/m0nEz9-oBPA

What's new in version 7.7:

* Added masking of bad blocks (replacing bad blocks with custom pattern);
* Added AES XTS support for BitLocker;
* Updated RAID configurations save/restore procedure:
- Added support of EWF-files in saved RAID configuration;
- Added support of virtual (VFS) files in RAID configuration;
- Custom RAID names are now preserved.
* Reworked LVM module for latest LVM2 (with added DM RAID function);
* Assignment of LVM names to LVM partitions and logical volumes;
* Option of automatic saving of scan state immediately after full scan;
* Simplified process of removal of opened storage components;
* Regular update to embedded pictures viewer.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

March 29th, 2019, 14:23

Nice Iurii
With all these fast updates, you may need an extra digit to the version number :-D

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

March 30th, 2019, 1:24

Do not worry: latest for version 5 was 5.25.1 ;) so we have a lot of numbers !

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

April 22nd, 2019, 5:07

What's new in version 7.8:

* Added virtual sector size transform function (for SATA drives and disk image files);
* Added LVM logical volume recovery manager UI:
- Search for older versions of LVM configurations;
- Open logical volume from found configurations;
- Search for missing physical volumes;
- Manual definition and assignment of missing physical volumes;
* Extended context menu functions in partition manager;
* Drobo support: using of alternative drive IDs, big volume sizes;
* Fixed bug with scanned Btrfs file system filtering.

More details: https://www.sysdevlabs.com/product.php? ... r_cat=tech

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

May 22nd, 2019, 12:37

What's new in version 7.8.1:

* Saving virtual file system structure for off-site revision;
* Added function to save/restore files/folders selection state;
* Loading of virtual FS structure for review and files selection;
* Added possibility to rename temporary disk in user interface;
* Fixed problem with ExFAT root folder validation during full-disk scan;
* Fixed issue with recognition of SCSI transport for fiber-channel connected storages;
* Support of switching to SCSI transport even when SCSI INQUIRY command fails.

What's new in version 7.8.2:

* Fixed bug with reading big files on VMFS6;
* Added support of "CLOUD" reparse points on NTFS (files from OneDrive etc.);
* Read-only support of "streamOptimized" (compressed) format of VMware VMDK files.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

July 3rd, 2019, 13:36

What's new in UFS Explorer Professional Recovery version 7.9:

* Added support of DeepSpar image file format (DDI, including defect block maps);
* Added Virtual Pattern storage for construction of over-degraded RAID;
* Added function of converting span of sparse components to sparse virtual disk;
* Added function to open base files of sparse virtual disks for fine-tuning of VD container;
* Added function to open disk as virtual disk for full-disk clones of virtual disks;
* Fixed problem with recognition of BitLocker when recovery key comes with version not equal to 1;
* Fixed bug with BitLocker "plain key" format;
* Fixed bug applying delta files in format of Split-VMDK;
* Added option to apply masks to folders for copying with filter;
* NTFS tail processing is now included into quick scan (to file system indexing).

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

July 23rd, 2019, 6:46

What's new in version 7.10:
* Support of 'long' deduplication reparse points on NTFS (Windows Server 2019);
* Fixed bug reading files from Microsoft Deduplication Database in some scenarios;
* Fixed bug reading directory structure of latest ReFS3 file system;
* Apple Core Storage: fixed crash bug, added block reference type "16";
* Added search for BitLocker partitions to Partitions Manager;
* Added BitLocker indication to Partitions Manager;
* Major rework of NTFS scan procedure:
- Added old/duplicated objects removal from scan result;
- Better processing of lost files (with descriptors out of MFT);
- Changed priorities of file names processing;
- Fixed bug in folder structure recovery by INDX entries;
- Fixed bug with scan resumption and calling Recycle Bin processing;
- Added support of Recycle Bin indexes with version 2.
* Added Portuguese software interface language.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

August 19th, 2019, 12:12

What's new in version 7.11:
* Added support of DeepSpar DDI over network;
* Added to Apple Core Storage:
- Plain blocks, reference type 11;
- Support of compressed multi-block XML metadata.
* Added 'Pause' function to file copying procedure:
- Quick pause/resume for temporary 'releasing' disk;
- Option of finishing current file and with ability to change destination path.
* Support of NTFS with cluster size over 64KB;
* Support of Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces metadata;
* Added cluster size indication to file system properties;
* Fixed bug using 'Open' dialog with scan results of virtual disks.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

September 16th, 2019, 11:41

What's new in version 7.12:

* Added support of WD Cloud file system:
- Translation of Cloud database to file system structure;
- Support of main database or backup copy (on choice).
* Added parallel data visualization in RAID builder:
- Synchronized with hexadecimal data viewer;
- Automatic reconstruction of missing data (when available);
- RAID pattern visualization;
- Automatic parity check (when available);
- Highlighting of key structures (such as MFT).
* Button to show/hilde left (storages list) panel;
* Added support of defect blocks in format of ACE Data Recovery MHZ;
* Now saves RAID configuration when sector size transform is enabled;
* Fixed some issues and speed-optimized ZFS file system scan;
* Fixes to Btrfs file system support:
- Fix of crash bug during scan in some scenarios;
- Fixed reading of compressed files.
* Update to PDF viewer: added support of buggy files with shifted xref table;
* Added extra search for folder name entries for EXT file system;
* Fixed bug reading legacy HFS volumes;
* Added Spanish software interface language.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

October 14th, 2019, 7:42

What's new in version 7.13:

* Added "Dynamic HTML Report":
- interactive navigation on file system structure;
- interactive file search function;
- interactive report conversion to XML/CSV format;
- files/folders selection from report;
- reverse import of selection state to UFS Explorer/Recovery Explorer.
* Extended basic XML/CSV reports with ID/parent ID to preserve FS structure;
* Added search for LUKS partitions in partition manager;
* Fixed bug reading BitLocker volumes on drives with 4K sector size;
* Update to Windows Server 2016/2019 data deduplication:
- Fixed several bugs related to reparse point formats;
- Fixed bug processing files with size over 1GB.
* Significantly reduced number of storage reads during file systems detection;
* Extended 'normal' detection of NTFS, FAT32, HFS+ and EXT volumes using backup metadata;
* Fixed reading of Windows dynamic disks with GPT layout;
* Option to skip found regions during partition search for faster scan.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

October 14th, 2019, 8:30

Awesome update!

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

November 12th, 2019, 11:35

What's new in version 7.14:

* ZFS direct access:
- Fixed bug in double-degraded RAID-Z2/Z3 recovery;
- Added support of RAID-Zx0 (stripe of RAID-Z/Z2/Z3);
- Added support of SunOS-specific "long" allocations on RAID-Z;
- Fixed several bugs in metadata parser procedure.
* Dynamic HTML report:
- Fixed problem with JavaScript integer precision for big object IDs;
- Report with filter is now displayed with minimal required folder structure;
- HTML styles corrections.
* Microsoft data deduplication support is now available in quick scan;
* Added support of VMware seSparse VMDK;
* Enhanced raw recovery procedure for MPEG Transport Stream (MTS/M2TS) files;
* Fixed bug with "filter" function ("must match"/"must NOT match" pattern).

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

November 14th, 2019, 5:30

UFS Explorer version 7: Undeniable reasons to upgrade
https://www.ufsexplorer.com/blog/undeni ... pgrade.php

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

December 4th, 2019, 7:13

What's new in version 7.14.1:

* Added double-degraded RAID6 recovery with DELL Equallogic diagonal XOR;
* Search for APFS encryption keys:
- added displaying of both KEK and VEK records;
- added search for older keyring blocks for known APFS containers.
* Fixed bug building degraded RAID4/RAID5 VX;
* Fixed issue with RAID6 adaptive reconstruction when one disk is missing;
* Pattern-storage/defects mask: extended length of pattern field to 1536 symbols;
* Fixed bug with parsing Novell NSS 'big' partition;
* Optimization of HFS+ scan result set;
* Fixed issue with focus location in hex 'go to' dialog (fixed base position);
* In partition manager: fixed bug removing partitions.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

December 27th, 2019, 11:00

What's new in version 7.15:

* Added Adaptec RAID6 (dedicated XOR) with degraded mode;
* Added degraded/double-degraded recovery for HP MSA RAID6 with diagonal XOR;
* Added support of HP ADG RAID6 coefficients (up to 48 drives);
* Added support of custom coefficients for RAID6 Reed-Solomon code;
* Added Compact Left Symmetric rotation for RAID5 (for LSI RAID50 etc.);
* Hexadecimal search with any block size (big blocks scanned with jumps);
* Fixed bug with FAT/FAT32 file system indexing.

Re: New version of UFS Explorer

February 12th, 2020, 6:12

What's new in version 7.16:

* Fixed bug reading legacy ReFS volumes;
* Fixed issue with no error reporting when disk is imaged to write-protected disk;
* Saving of processed data can be continued on existing file;
* Enabled manual editing of Read-once storage;
* Fixed bugs in FAT recovery module:
- Removed record attributes verification for Volume Name entry;
- Fixed bug with reconstruction of fragmented files when second FAT table is damaged.
* Modified procedure of classification of found MFT entries from unlinked MFT chunks.
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