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IBM V7000 server, both hard disk corruptions occurred

September 9th, 2019, 22:34

Fault Description:A company's IBM V7000 server, a hard disk is damaged and offline, the hard disk was replaced, and both hard disk corruptions occurred during the synchronization of data, making the entire MDISK invalid.
Data Recovery Process
(1) It takes a few days to recover data from a disk using a RAID offline recovery tool such as WinHex or R-STUDIO. At the same time, the loss caused by server downtime will reach hundred thousand dollars

(2) Use the General LOD function of DRT-SCSITOOL (under the Tests > Firmware function > Seagate General LOD menu) to generate a file whose default file name is "GeneralLOD";

(3) Use the DRT-SCSITOOL "SuperDownloadFirmware" (under the Tests > Firmware function > Super Download Firmware menu) function to synchronize the original DELL firmware of the disk to the IBM firmware.

In the Super Download Firmware dialog box, select the GeneralLOD.lod file generated in the previous step by using the Browse button, and then click the Download button in the dialog box to synchronize the firmware.

(4) Modify the disk using DRT-SCSITOOL's Modify PN (under the Tests > Modify PN menu), Modify SN (under Tests > Modify SN > Modify SN menu), and WWN (under Tests > Modify SN > Modify SN menu) Original service area information;

(5) Use DRT-SCSITOOL's Factory Copy (under the Tests > Factory Copy menu) feature to safely and quickly read disk data and clone the corrupted disk data to a non-faulty disk.

(6) The cloned disk data is viewed using DRT-SCSITOOL's Inquiry information (in Tools > Drivers information > Inquiry information).

More details were in the posted attachments
Physical cloning of harddisk FY190628(1).pdf
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