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Tools for hard drive diagnostics, repair, and data recovery
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WD HDD recovery

January 9th, 2021, 12:56

Hi all,
I have an external disk WD 500 GB 2.5" which has not worked for 8 years. I have tried to fix it with different recovery programs and also did a bad sector scan and fix but I couldn't get anything. I made it worse by that time. Because HDD head click noise is loader now. I am wondering if there is a program that can show where is the problem like head or something else. I already gave up on this but still keeping and want to see if I can save my memories. I can't afford any money to recovery centres. If the head has a problem, I will order plastic head replacement tools and the same used one HDD and replace it.
Thanks in advance.

Re: WD HDD recovery

January 10th, 2021, 16:50

I see that nobody cares. Is the money matter to help? Send me your offers to write your suggestions.

Re: WD HDD recovery

January 10th, 2021, 17:03

Its not that nobody cares, its just that we do not condone or encourage DIY head swaps on hard drives. It is sure to fail. It takes months of practice to do good head swaps, it is not as easy as you think. You also need a Class 100 cleanroom (minimum). Once you have done the head swap, you normally need expensive data recovery hardware and software to recover the data.

Re: WD HDD recovery

January 12th, 2021, 11:07

Thank you for the information. But I want to do it myself because I already accepted that it is gone. Whatever I know, I have learned by doing it myself. I broke lots of devices by doing it but I had the experience. So I just want to know is there any software which I can see the HDD's heads work or not. Something like PC3000 but working without hardware.
I am not an HDD expert but want to learn at least basic things as an IT technician.
Thank you :)

Re: WD HDD recovery

January 12th, 2021, 16:18

If you are 100% certain the data is not important, you can try to make an image of the drive with DDRescue or HDDSuperClone.
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