Samsung and HDDSuperClone concern
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Author:  DracoJ [ February 21st, 2021, 1:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung and HDDSuperClone concern

update: it turned a bit fast to 100Kb/s (lol :lol: ) @ position: 395,410,000
look into using ddrutility with ddrescue

someone mentioned to me that ddrescue wont accept the log file if I started from hddsc, is it true or am I just missing something?

Where can I find reading materials for the words "Trim, Divide, and Scrape" cause these are the last ones left that I understand as a layman in the free version. The manual is just not yet ready for me to digest

No Windows programs to help. I again refer you to the pro version of HDDSuperClone used with DMDE to target data. If you really want a way to possibly do it for free, look into using ddrutility with ddrescue, but you would be completely on your own with no support from anyone, including me.

I'll look into this when I got the time to start learning a new program. But thank you very much for assisting me, your youtube videos helped and you bothering with my recovery has given me more info that's not mentioned from your videos.

Author:  DracoJ [ February 21st, 2021, 2:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung and HDDSuperClone concern

103 kB/s @ 395,410,000 LBA
110 @ 438,090,000
166 @ 474,280,000 (not sure what exact sector)
186 @ 475,466,000 (even spiked to 438 kB/s for a few seconds)
204 @ 483,020,000

Only Phase 3,
Cluster Size: 128
Skip size: 200k
Skip Threshold: 3000ms
Rate Skip: 47 KB/s

Time remaining went from 30-80 days to just 2 days ( for now )

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