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Hard drives can be a lot of fun!
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HDD Serial Commander

September 21st, 2016, 14:37

Hello everyone!

This must be my first post in a long time (lost my previous account) but throughout my personal career in data recovery HDD Guru was always one of the top 5 on-line resources. I want to share a new utility we have been working on lately. For the most part it is free! :lol:

We recently published public beta version of HDD Serial Commander, an utility to control a hard disk drive, edit firmware or in some cases gives you access to various data areas on Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba hard disk drives via a serial terminal port. Nothing new?! What we did is upgrade of my in-lab version :D and we added new options and new skin. It contains diagnostic commands translated to English, sorted by level, each available to be drag-and-dropped and executed in sequence or one-by-one. Build with Adobe Air :shock: Download demo for free at http://www.hddserialcommander.com, we do require registration :!:

Main goal of this project is better understanding of serial commands on Seagate F3 drives. Great add-on to my previous version is running commands is sequence (QUEUE) very much like PC3K or Dolphin does. Mind that this software works only with serial port! I am still expanding database with more details on each command :roll: it may take some time to have them all the way I want them.

We do accept donations but in case you have any trouble with PP or any question related to full version please PM. :oops:

Although we released public version in August I just wanted to wait a bit and make sure people find it useful before I publish anything here. Reaction is positive so far.

What do you guys think?

Thank you!
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