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 Post subject: Help ready GDB Results on image of recovered data
PostPosted: December 15th, 2019, 19:17 

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I have a 2TB drive that theWin10 Filesystem is corrupted according to Test Disk so naturally doesn't show in Explorer. I asked what I should do with it in Test Disk now, on their forum, but have been ignored, even though I actually donated. I look after forums and answer everybody who bothers to come and visit. Anyway moving on..

I have tried a few recovery programs like EasUS, Data Recovery, Disk Drill, Mini Tool and some others, with the last one Recuva saving 5790 files before it stopped, It said it could recover 12,000 of them but was getting slower and slower over the 2 weeks it was ran then eventually crashed. I contacted their support over those 2+ weeks but have still not got a reply. I bought the program too. Not a good history of customer service in this area I'm afraid.

I thought I would try yet another program before I started back into Recuva to see if I could get the files it had not got yet before it slowed and crashed.

On reading Ad nauseam about them all, I chose to try GetDataBack which I had used 10/15 years ago with some good success.

I am on the trial first and it did show all the folders and files of the problem disk after a search, whereas as Recuva only showed the files, not the folders.

Anyway thought I do an image to a 3TB partition on a new 4TB drive.

It went 48% + into the 1.81TB disk which has 0 to 3,907,029,167 Sectors without showing any Read errors, then eventually they showed up with a total of 61.81% Read errors of read data

It has completed the image file image recovery and give the following results.

I will buy the GDB Pro and recover whatever files I can, but am interested in knowing whether there is a chance to rebuild the file system and maybe retrieve more complete files. They are mainly video files.
How do these results show?

Thank you


File System Properties
CAPTURE 15/12/2019 8:20:55 PM
File System Properties
File system: NTFS
Size: 1.82 TB
Location: Sector 2,048
Cluster0: Sector 2,048
Cluster size: 8 sectors
Phys. sector size: 512 bytes
Total sectors: 3,907,024,895
Total clusters: 488,378,111
Data matches/rel:10/0
Source details:B@2048BB@3907026943
Source: B2
Recovery tree:Tree NTFS, 13043 entries
Total files: 12,605
Total directories: 435
Total file size: 1.49 TB
# dirhash entries: 13,043
MFT cluster: 786,432
MFTMirr cluster: 2
MFT size: 1024 bytes
INDX size: 4096 bytes
# Mft:0
Explicit Mft no:True
Area: Ambiguous

Recovery Details
CAPTURE 15/12/2019 8:19:20 PM
Recovery Details
Drive:Physical hard drive 1.82 TB (DISK3:)
# MFT:13,053
# $Mft:2
# $MftMirr:1
# Index:11
# NT boot sectors:2
# FAT32 boot sectors:0
# FAT16 boot sectors:0
# exFAT boot sectors:0
# HFS+ volume headers:0
# Unused HFS volume headers:0
# HFS node ends:364
# HFS header nodes:0
# APFS Blocks:0
# EXT Superblocks:0
# XFS Superblocks:0
# 12-bit FATs:0
# 16-bit FATs:0
# 32-bit FATs:0
# Directory starts:0
# Directory conts:12
# exFAT Directory roots:0
# exFAT Directory starts:0
# exFAT Directory conts:0
Dir tracker list:0 entries
FAT analyse list:0 entries
FAT cache:0 entries
CrissCross:Level 3, 6,155,472 sectors in 39,016 chunks
Sectors starts:111
Cluster starts:11,218
All clusters:11,197
Cl sizes:10,945
File system list:1 items
Selected file system:NTFS at sector 2,048, cluster size 8 (1.82 TB) more...
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