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u320 on 32bit with 50pin

March 26th, 2015, 21:22

I have been going through a pile of hdds I have collected over the years (about 50 of them) mainly to clean then off and throw them out. I came across 3 x36GB 10K U320 (BD03695A27) disks that had been a raid 5 array in a Netware 5.0 server. All seem to be in good condition. I have an adaptec 29160 64 bit pci card but only 32bit pci on the motherboard.
The 68 pin cable that was with it has been damage - some cables broken , terminator smashed.
I have working 50pin cables, terminators and 68-50pin.
I was thinking about using the disks in a basic Linux machine
My question is since it is only u160 card and a 32bit pci slot would there be any point spending money on a 68 pin cable or will the performance be the similar with the 50 pin?
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