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Data recovery and disk repair questions and discussions related to old-fashioned SATA, SAS, SCSI, IDE, MFM hard drives - any type of storage device that has moving parts
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WD Hdd Family shows Perco C7_C8 !!

April 5th, 2021, 8:23

Hi there all masters,

I've one WD 2TB ( Model number is WDC WD20PURX-64P6ZY) Purple HDD, I've connected that hdd in WD Repair Tool V6 and it get detected correctly i..e model number, serial number and LBA Etc..
but it shows Controller Buffer Size: 0KB
Family: Perco C7_C8

in fact that WD hdd family is Diablo 3S

Am I Missing something ? :?:

anyone can throw some light on the issue ?

Re: WD Hdd Family shows Perco C7_C8 !!

April 15th, 2021, 9:52

Your HDD is newer than your software....
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