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DMDE - Backup tool and PC doesn't boot

September 19th, 2023, 11:51


First - I've cloned the drive. i've also read other post related. One was helpfull and tought it would be enough but looks like it's different here.

Trying to help my dad who was playing with Akomi software to backup his Asus Laptop. Not sure how but PC doesn't boot. SSD and HDD appear in the BIOS can't load windows. I've tired with USB bootable to repair but it doesn't work.
I've tried with DMDE to remove what appear to be old or deleted partition and have sector 0 pointing to 2048 but it doesn't help.

With original config, when I plug SSD using USB adapter all 4 partitons (boot, data, recovery...) will open in explorer, all data are there.

When I modify as shown in the pictures below, only boot will appear. If anymore can see what's going on, I am happy to test.

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