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Seagate F3 Commands

November 21st, 2019, 18:14

Hdd Gurus How are you? first of all i am going to introduce my self i am new on this forum and also new on this field so guys i need your help and i read many post in this forum i see that this group members are very helpful and cooperative that's motivate me to ask my Question on here and i hope i will get some useful info.

Ok now my interest and research part is to learn about as much as i can for seagate F3 architecture. That's the reason of i want to know the list of seagate commands like

edit,Clear,and repair Glist Commands
edit,Clear,and repair Plist Commands
edit,Clear,and repair NRG Commands

Format PG plus format via P-list and format Via G list commands.

I would be really appreciate if anyone have big list of these commands so i will be waiting for that Thanks.

Re: Seagate F3 Commands

November 22nd, 2019, 4:20

Check it here: https://www.data-medics.com/forum/seaga ... -t901.html
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