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New additional website - different languages

January 12th, 2010, 7:31

I am happy to announce that the translation of the new (english) website


into the first other language - german - is ready since a few minutes.

Für alle Kollegen und Interessenten:

Die Geräte Atola Insight und Atola Imager und deren Funktionen werden hier
besonders ausführlich in deutsch beschrieben. Es gibt eine Kurz-Information
als PDF und auch die Preise.

Der Bezug der Geräte erfolgt ab sofort auch direkt hier in Europa (EU)
- UST-Frei bei Nachweis einer gültigen eigenen UID-Nummer.

Italian, French and Spanish versions of this website will follow.


Re: New additional website - different languages

January 13th, 2010, 0:03

We all look forward to seeing the site finsihed and all languages added to this site. I am sure this will help out anyone and everyone who English is not their native language to read and understand the product better. It will clean up a lot of problems in having this in everyone's native language. Good job and we or should I say I look forward to reading your site in French.
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