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Discussions related to Atola Insight data recovery/Forensic suite, Atola Bandura standalone imager
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Atola Insight 3.2 release

December 6th, 2013, 5:34

Atola Insight 3.2 has been released with password recovery support for latest Seagate and WD drives and head support for new Seagates In total, more than 150 improvements included. So all Atola customers are very welcomed to download the latest software update.

Read more at the official Atola blog: http://blog.atola.com/atola-insight-3-2-released/

Insight 3.2 change log

New Features:

  • Password recovery now supports all latest WD and Seagate drives
  • Password recovery can now reset a password temporarily, until a power cycle (nothing is written onto hard drive)
  • Automatic Diagnostics now supports all latest Seagate drives (by-head graphs)
  • DiskSense Ethernet now better handles short network outages
  • Disk identification timeout can now be specified via Preferences
  • SSD Trim feature
  • Disk Editor: added an option to quickly disable MBR
  • Fill or Erase: Pattern can now be specified for DoD wipe method
  • When specifying sector ranges in Insight, abbreviations can now be used, i.e. 3M -> 3000000, 40K -> 40000
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts
  • Speed improvements
  • Cosmetic improvements


  • Added select head support for all latest Seagate drives
  • Media map can now be zoomed in/out
  • Added "Next Head" button to instantly skip to the next head
  • Imaging speed improvements
  • Added an option to skip re-reading the same bad sectors on subsequent passes
  • Insight will now verify Target media for partitions and will output a warning if partitions are detected
  • Found file signatures can now be exported

Case Management:

  • Export/Import entire case
  • Improved case search
  • Reports can now be exported into PDF, HTML, RTF formats
  • DiskSense Unit Serial Number and Write Protection status are now saved into each report
  • Many improvements in File attachments
  • Custom headers in Reports (add a graphic logo and custom text)


  • Imaging: Write errors during frequent sector skips
  • Imaging: When enabling Write Protection, DiskSense Ethernet was falling back to PIO mode when working with IDE drives
  • Many other small bugfixes
Head support for latest Seagates in Atola Insight 3.2.png
Head support for latest Seagates in Atola Insight 3.2
Zoom progress bar in Atola Insight 3.2.png
Zoom feature of Imaging progress bar
WD 3TB unlocked in Insight 3.2.png
WD 3TB unlocked in Atola Insight 3.2

Re: Atola Insight 3.2 release

December 10th, 2013, 12:04

Since I installed the update, I can't change the any setting on the Passes tab, I have to create a new session, is this by design?? I will like to have the capability to change the setting on the fly like in the past versions

Re: Atola Insight 3.2 release

December 10th, 2013, 17:42


The Imager will now lock session settings after session starts. We had to do it this way as it created interface inconsistency and confusion among many users of the tool. Another issue is logging - we are currently working on even better logging in the Atola Insight, and it is impossible to log all session changes in a way that makes sense (i.e., so that someone else could read the log and explain what exactly was going on while imaging was running).

Yes, creating a new session is the 100% replacement of the previous behavior (a new session will never copy the same data that was already copied by any other session).

I hope some of the new improvements we have in v3.2 will compensate for this "downgrade".

Re: Atola Insight 3.2 release

December 10th, 2013, 22:33

OUCH! I have often altered the settings during imaging on the fly as the job ran. Often settings that should normally be fine dont fit a particular job. VITAl that it no be a full restart from begginging. For me this is a refusal to want the improvment.

Re: Atola Insight 3.2 release

December 10th, 2013, 23:26

To clarify, creating new sessions will not make Atola Insight re-image what already has been imaged - this was always the case and it remains this way. You could have as many sessions as you want, all sessions could have totally different settings, but each session checks with the same map of imaged sectors, so no "double-imaging" is happening at any stage.

Re: Atola Insight 3.2 release

December 11th, 2013, 10:32

Thank you Dmitry, I was concerned for nothing and it remains reliable as ever in this version. Great!

Re: Atola Insight 3.2 release

December 11th, 2013, 13:38

Vitaliy & Dmitry, thank you for the response, I understand now, great work Atola keeps getting better and better, thank you guys! :beer:
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