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Discussions related to Atola Insight data recovery/Forensic suite, Atola Bandura standalone imager
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Requesting Atola Insight Forensic Pro's and Con's

October 1st, 2014, 13:58

Hi everyone i was wondering if everyone could provide me a info regarding this product.
I'm currently doing research between several products and i would like to know actual users opinions.
I'm looking for a inhouse data recovery method.

If there is a representative here more information would appreciated the cost of $7000 i really want to know 100% if this hardware is what my company is looking for.

Re: Requesting Atola Insight Forensic Pro's and Con's

October 2nd, 2014, 1:06

hello you made a good choice for data recovery

there are pros and cons in all data recovery tool one tool might not recovery the data were the other tool will recovery the data

this product at the moment is the best choice for data recovery jobs

the support is good
and its licence free you can sell it on later on if you want with no issues
you own the product.

there are other tools out there but also have its cons

but the atola line is a very good recovery tool to use infact very easy to use

i know that its a forensic mode which is mainly used for the law enforcement side of the business
and not normal data recovery work.
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