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 Post subject: HddSurgery manual - HDDS WDC BB/BD/JB/JD p1
PostPosted: April 24th, 2013, 7:37 
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HddSurgery manual - HDDS WDC BB/BD/JB/JD p1

Following user guide will give step-by-step instructions on how to change read/write heads with this HddSurgery head replacement tool on Western Digital hard drive models BB, BD, JB, JD and all other models with 1 platter from Marvell families: MAMMOTH, SABRE and UNICORN. This tool will also work on some of the pre-Marvell hard drives. More info about this tool can be found on our website:

You can also find a PDF manual, video guide and animation on these links:

1. Manual -
2. Video Guide -
3. Animation -


Step 1 - Mounting the tool on actuator arm

Before opening the hard drive casing, demount PCB from the hard drive. Unscrew the lid and open the HDD. Then, remove the top magnet from the coil of the actuator arm. Unscrew the flat cable connector and carefully push the contact from the bottom upwards to release it. The pressure from below may cause the connector to pop out and possibly damage the platter, so hold the top of the flat cable connector firmly with another hand while pushing it up. Be careful and do not remove the security brake yet, because the actuator arm can move easily and heads might damage platter or even slip out of it while manipulating with the tool.

Carefully center the tool over the center hole of the hard disk actuator arm. Tighten the screw to perform tool installation. During the tool installation, make sure that tool’s shank with snouts remains in the area outside of the platter.


Be sure to tighten the screw in order to ensure good contact and proper tool height.

Step 2 - Lifting the heads

By horizontally moving tool shank, slide the tool over platter. Tool design enables it's snouts to lift the heads by relatively small force. If you feel that the necessary force is greater than the expected, check the tool position and possible damage to the HDD assembly. Push the tool as far as limiter is allowing.


Step 3 - Moving the tool with heads outside of platter area

Remove the security brake that’s holding the actuator arm (and heads) in the parking position. Move the tool together with heads outside of the platter area. Do this by gently pushing the back side of the actuator arm (magnetic coil) together with the tool itself to prevent the heads from slipping off the tool's snouts.


Step 4 – Unscrewing the heads assembly

Remove the screw that’s holding actuator arm and tool attached to the hard drive. It's the same screw which connects tool and actuator arm. Now the heads assembly can be lifted.
When this screw is removed, heads and the tool are not having a tight connection anymore. DO NOT try to dismount the heads by pulling the tool.


Step 5 - Dismounting the heads

To lift the heads assembly, tweezers are needed. Use tweezers to grab the actuator arm through one of the holes on it. Pull the actuator arm up using the tweezers. To make sure that the heads assembly goes straight up, use one finger to pull its back side (magnetic coil) simultaneously. DO NOT try to dismount the heads by pulling the tool.


Step 6 - Mounting the heads in a patient hard drive

Place the tool with head assembly to its place in new hard drive using the tweezers. Screw the screw to tighten the tool with head arm to the disk.


Step 7 – Moving the heads to the parking zone

Push the tool to scroll the heads back to their place above the platter. Return back the security brake and make sure that the heads are in the parking position.


Step 8 - Moving the tool outside of platter

Horizontally push tool shank with a finger to return the tool outside of platter area.
With your other hand, hold back side of the head arm (magnetic coil) to prevent heads from moving.


Step 9 - Dismounting the tool

When the tool is not longer over platter area, dismount it from the actuator arm, by removing the screw which connects them.


Put the lid back and close the HDD casing. Mount PCB back and clone the drive.

You can find more information about this tool and many other tools used for data recovery on our website.

Also you can watch the videos that show how this tool works on our YouTube channel.

HddSurgery - Professional Data Recovery Tools

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