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 Post subject: Service for remote reflashing/converting SAS HDD/SSD
PostPosted: February 1st, 2021, 8:45 

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Continuing on this topic:

The issue of reflashing and unlocking disks for use in various equipment is of constant interest, so I am posting some details.
There is a possibility of converting civilian versions of HDD and SSD disks into OEM models, or from models of one OEM vendor to another.
All work is done remotely.
Currently, this option is available for SAS HDDs from Seagate and SAS HDDs and SSDs from WD-HGST.
In this case, the full microcode is loaded into the disk, and not only the name is changed.
The finished disk turns out to be fully functional, supports the specifications of the target equipment without restrictions and goes through the procedure for updating the microcode by standard means.
List of OEM vendors: HP, 3PAR, IBM, Lenovo, Netapp, Dell, EMC, Cisco, Fujitsu, Sun, etc.

Supported HDD models (the name of the highest "civilian" model is indicated here, but lower models and OEM modifications are also supported):
ST9300603SS (Savvio 10K.3)
ST9600204SS (Savvio 10K.4)
ST9600205SS (Savvio 10K.5)
ST900MM0006 (Savvio 10K.6)
ST1200MM0007 (Enterprise Perfomance 10K.7)
HUC106060CSS600 (Cobra-D)
HUC109090CSS600 (Cobra-E)
HUC101212CSS600 (Cobra-EP)
HUC101818CS4200 (Cobra-F)
ST9300653SS (Savvio 15K.3)
HUC156060CS4200 (King Cobra-F)
ST32000424SS (Constellation ES.1)
ST33000650SS (Constellation ES.2)
ST2000NM0001 (Constellation ES.1)
ST4000NM0033 (Constellation ES.3)
HUS723030ALS640 (Mars-K)
HUS724040ALS640 (Mars-KP)
HUS726060AL5210 (Aries-HC)
HUH728080AL5200 (He-8)
HUH721010AL5200 (He-10)
ST3600057SS (Cheetah 15K.7)
HUS154545VLS300 (Viper-BP)
HUS156060VLS600 (Viper-C)

Supported SSD models:
HUSMM8080ASS200 (Sunset-Cove MLC)
HUSMM1616ASS200 (Sunset-Cove Plus)

Here are those models for which there are ready-made and proven solutions. The real list of supported models is much longer.
In addition, for most models it is possible to "download the firmware" from your sample (if available) and upload it to the donor disk.

As an example, a disk from the Hitachi storage system HITACHI-DKR5E-J1R2SS can be turned into a "civilian" HUC101212CSS600 or EG1200FDNJT for HP systems.
Or we can make IBM-D050 ST900MM0006 FRU 00AR326 from the "civilian" ST900MM0006 disk.
Or from EMC-SSD HITACHI-HUSMM148-CLAR800 we can make HP-MO0800JEFPB.

To work from your side, you need a Windows 7 PC (preferably x64 version). An Internet connection with a static white IP is required for RDP to work. The PC must have a SAS HBA card installed (preferably something "simpler" from the LSI 30xx or LSI 92xx families).
With a large quantity, for convenience, you can connect a JBOD shelf.

In addition to the usual procedures for unlocking and flashing, long-term partnerships around the world are also interesting. You can see for yourself: a minimum investment is required from you.
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