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CHANNEL configuration of Crucial C300 HELP PLEASE

August 21st, 2023, 1:49

Hello guys does somebody know the CHANNEL configuration for this SSD drive??
short story dead pcb and maybe dead controller.
i reballed and soldered the NAND chips on the donor pcb and finally i can turn in on with full id on pc-3000.... however some nand flash ID cannot be readed :(
i did reballed AGAIN all the NAND CHIPS ... now only CHANNEL 5 cannot be readed ...i would like to reball it but unfortunatelly i cant figure out what phisical NAND is the CHANNEL 5" since on the PCb nothing is written"....
PLEASE if you have experience with same or simila ssd help me.... this is a crucial 128GB with 16 NAND chips
Crucial C300 CHANNELS.jpg
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