Q: reproduction of a PC3000 Flash solution in VNR
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Author:  blackmagick [ July 23rd, 2018, 8:01 ]
Post subject:  Q: reproduction of a PC3000 Flash solution in VNR

As subject says, I wonder if anyone has some input on how to reproduce a PC3000 Flash solution in VNR.

The solution for this specific case is this (but with SSS6690 U1-M6C, and not U2, as in the solution): http://www.pc-3000flash.com/solbase/sol ... 1&lang=eng

I've applied the solution in PC3000 Flash and it works fine, e.g. recovery of the data is successful to a large extent. However, I'd like to reproduce the results in VNR but I'm getting a bit confused by the different terms used in the two.

The layout of the

Wondering if anyone got an input on the following three stages:

1) Split by block (Block Size 3072). I assume this could equal the Separate block in VNR, but not sure whether if it's the "Moveable block size" (MBS) or the "Area size" (AS) that should be set to the actual block size of the device (192*8576b)
2) Join by block for pairs (Block Size 16). Assume this should equal the Pair block in VNR. Since the Block Size in PC3000 is 16 this should equal one page in VNR, so maybe set MBS to 8576b and AS to 192*8576?
3) Join by dump (4 parts -> 1 part). Should equal Unite block in VNR with 4 inputs, with AS set to size of each dump.

Once I got this part right I'm of course prepared to do the work with the markers table, etc, but before that this needs to be in order.


Author:  blackmagick [ July 25th, 2018, 8:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Q: reproduction of a PC3000 Flash solution in VNR

Received an answer from the Rusolut support regarding the steps, can share here in case other should be interested. Split by block + Join by block for pairs in PC3K equals the Pair block in VNR, so they simplify this step with a single block.


Author:  Blizzard [ July 25th, 2018, 12:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Q: reproduction of a PC3000 Flash solution in VNR

This is helpful. The terminology between the 3 tools (3000, FE, VNR) can make it challenging to reproduce the solution from one to the other. Thank you for sharing!

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