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HDD formatting problem

April 7th, 2021, 3:05

Hi, I have a problem with my external HDD
HP Portable HDD 500GB
Model # : hp p2050x

when i connected this drive to my desktop USB nit gave a messaged that there is some problem with the drive and scan it to fix the problem. i scanned it with windows 10 default tool. all files and folders were there and i added files to it and i can see the new files there. when i disconnected the HDD and used it with my laptop i could not see those newly added files in the drive. then i tried it again and with same result. i tried to delete one or 2 files and they were removed but when i connected my drive again to my surprise those files were still in the drive. then i copied all files to my internal HDD and formatted my external HDD and all the data was still in the drive. then i used disk management to "delete volume" and after deleting it i formatted the drive my creating "New Simple Volume" NTFS and again all the data is still there.

1 HDD.jpeg

2 hdd.jpeg

3 hdd.jpeg

4 hdd.jpeg
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